Imposter Quiz

Oh jeez, imagine this, I just got accused of being an alium spy and am to be killed immediately. No trial? No problem for this future hellscape! Well, good thing I escaped, although I did get bopped on the head by a guard and now can’t remember a thing (like whether I’m a spy or not …). Do you remember what happened in Imposter?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) It’s the future and the world is at war! With whom though?

2) And our hero is a heroic military weapons manufacturer … wait, that can’t be right (checks notes). Yeah, he’s a weapons manufacturer. Anyways, why did this heo join the military with only mass genocide of our enemies on his mind?

3) Well, boy is Vincent D’Ononfrio’s face red! Or, well, it will be once he realizes his terrible mistake in accusing this heroic hero of being a spy. But why does he think he’s a spy?

4) Yada yada yada, our boy is on the run and trying to prove that the spy is really the one armed man (or something like that, he’s a fugitive on the run). He gets some help from Mekhi Phifer. Why is he willing to help this spy, what is he getting in return?

5) Ah, well in the end who ends up being the imposter and spy?

Bonus Question: In the mid-credits sequence Sinese wakes up in a lab, strapped to a table. But how? And who else is there to greet him?


1) The aliums of Alpha Centauri. Or, at least I assume they are aliums. They might be humans who just live on Alpha Centauri? They never really make that clear. I think they are aliums though. I think it is hinted that they look quite different from us.

2) So when he was young his father was a pilot in the military. Our hero was a rocket making genius and had that on his mind, obviously, but then his dad gets killed by the Alpha Centauri, and you know what that means! Genocide time. Time to become a weapons manufacturer and to make the “final solution” for those Alpha Centauri monsters.

3) So there was a super stealthy ship that got past the Earth’s shields. They can’t find it at the moment, but they know that it came down, and they know from another imposter they already caught that there was a list of people that were to be impostered. These people are people who will have access to the Chancellor at some point in the future. One of those people are our hero, so naturally D’Onofrio thinks our hero is an imposter spy!

4) Mekhi lives off the grid and helps out at the hospital where his wife is a patient with an eminently curable disease, but the cures for this disease are kept for the people living in high class military bubbles. So Mekhi is going to help our hero out and at the same time get a boatload of medicine for the run down hospital. Kill two birds with one stone in a way.

5) Our hero is obviously a spy, but the real twist is that his wife was two. It was a twofer. The wife being an imposter doesn’t make much sense once they replaced the main guy, but I guess they just needed to make sure she wasn’t tipped off for the impostering maybe? It is a bit unclear.

Bonus Answer: You know Vincent D’Onofrio is there! Yup, human scientists can create Imposters too (Impo2ters? I guess we’ll have to see!), and this time they need D’Onofrio and Sinese back in action to convince those dastardly Centauri that everything might just be going according to plan. You see, they are afraid that there are even more imposters trying to blow up that horrible President of the World or whatever, so they need Sinese to infiltrate whatever weirdo Imposter cell they have going on, and it would look nuts if D’Onofrio wasn’t there a-chasing him. But it is fake chasing obviously, and guess who else is back? The only person Sinese trusts now, and that’s Cale. Remember Cale? Whatever, huge twist’em’up at the end though, when it is revealed the President was already replaced and is planning on ruining Earth’s defenses without the need for any big bomb! Can D’Onofrio and Sinese stop her before it is too late?

Find out in Impo2ter! That’s right, they definitely did use that name. And originally in the trailer it is called Imposter 2, but then the 2 floats in to replace the “s”. Trust me it looks cool.


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