Supergirl Quiz

Oh man, so here’s the thing. I’m from Argo City. It ain’t a big deal. But like a goober I created life with my magic wand thing and it destroyed my city! Whoops. Well, long story short, I was sucked out of inner space and bopped my head and now I can’t remember a thing. Do you remember what happened in Supergirl?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) What is Kara’s (aka Supergirl) relationship with Zoltar, played by Peter O’Toole?

2) Once in Midvale Kara naturally decides she’s going to go to school. There she meets Lucy Lane. What is Lucy’s relationship with Superman?

3) The eeeeeeeevil sorceress Selena obtains the Omegahedron and realizes that she can use it to gain power! And money! But uh oh, something odd is happening with it and the container it is housed in. What?

4) Selena has a friend, Nigel, who also happens to be Kara’s math/computer teacher? Whatever. He has another item which when combined allows Selena to banish Kara to the Phantom Zone. What is this item?

5) In the end how does Kara destroy Selena?

Bonus Question: In the mid-credits scene what does Zor-El discover about Argo City?


1) Zoltar appears to be some kind of artist or architect thing for Argo City. He uses a little wand to create art and the structures within. Kara is his apprentice of some kind, although she is also going to school. As I heard on a podcast, it is a real Marty-Doc relationship where Kara shouldn’t be hanging with this kook but she is.

2) Lucy is Lois Lane’s younger sister. Which makes it all the weirder that Jimmy Olson hops on the bus and eventually dates her and junk.

3) It is growing! In fact it is growing quickly. Nigel has already warned Selena that a demon that looks suspiciously like the container will eventually destroy her … but Selena seems oddly unconcerned by this development.

4) It is the Burundi Stick. That seems … racist, or at least insensitive. I mean, it is a voodoo stick named after an actual country in Africa? Yeah, that wouldn’t fly these days.

5) Nigel informs her that the only way to destroy Selena is by using the demon summoned from the Omegahedron’s case. And so Kara (using a power up delivered via a disembodied Zoltar voice telling her to “fight on”) traps Selena and Bianca in a whirlwind and, indeed, the demon bops her on the head, and the evil-doers are trapped in the Phantom Zone forevermore.

Bonus Answer: In the mid-credits scene we see Zor-El, Kara’s father and chief scientist at Argo City, discovers that disaster is returning to Argo City, it is in danger of imminent destruction from a hail of meteorites. The sequel opens with him working with the Omegahedron he attempts a dangerous gambit which proves both unsuccessful and ultimately devastating, destroying both Argo City and flinging Zor-El through the binary chute and onto the shores of the lake in Midvale. There he is discovered by failed sideshow attraction Milton Moses Fine aka The Amazing Brainiac. Seeing his chance, Brainiac reconstructs Zor-El into the monstrous Cyborg Superman and begins a crime spree which allows him to advance his metahuman mind-reading and mental capacities. Supergirl meanwhile is just having a normal time. We see her get a cat, that’s fun because we all know that’s going to become Streaky the Supercat (stay tuned for Supergirl 3, obviously, there we would also introduce Comet the Superhorse NBD). Regardless, she eventually gets to saving Midvale from Brainiac when she discovers that his “muscle” Cyborg Superman is actually her own father (da da da). Using the power of love she turns Cyborg Superman against his creator, defeating him and saving the world again. With tears in her eyes she shuts Cyborg Superman down promising to find someone who can help him. In a mid-credits scene we see Silas Stone brought in by Kara and why yes indeed, he could find it quite interesting to study Zor-El and to attempt to fix him. Yes indeed.

It is Supergirl 2: Cyber War. We just need to get to Supergirl 4 where Comet becomes a person and him and Supergirl fall in love.


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