Fifty Shades Freed Quiz

In this week’s installment of Pop Quiz Hot Shot! watch as I barely contain my utter contempt for this movie, series, and mostly its male protagonist (antagonist?) Christian Grey!

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

  1. In the opening scene we have the pleasure of seeing a montage of Anastasia and Christian on their honeymoon. Where did they go? We see two cities, but the country will suffice.
  2. Christian, as a surprise, reveals he has bought a house of particular significance for Anastasia and he to share as husband and wife. Where does he say Anastasia has seen the house before?
  3. In Aspen Anastasia surprises Christian amidst a midnight snack. What food is Anastasia eating (eventually off of Christian himself, scandalous!) in this scene?
  4. Anastasia, overwhelmed with the decisions that need to be made running the household, dismisses Christian’s staff for the night and decides to cook dinner herself. What does she prepare?
  5. When Anastasia finds herself pregnant it simply ruins (ruins!) the plans Christian had for her (for them!). When stumbling back into the apartment drunk that evening he reveals the true fear he has at the prospect of becoming a father. What does this disgusting pile of garbage say is the reason he is afraid of having a child with Anastasia?

I don’t expect many people to have seen the movie yet, but let’s just say it was easy peasy to put together this quiz and I fully expect Jamie to get 100% [Editor’s Note: I did].


  1. France, and we see at least Paris and Nice
  2. Christian says she pointed it out to him on their sailing trip early in their relationship (a major event of the first film)
  3. She is eating ice cream, eventually off of his rock hard abs
  4. A medium rare steak and a goblet of wine, i.e. the Christian Grey food pyramid, which recommends 12 servings of meat and alcohol per day
  5. He fears that she will choose their child over him … because he is a stone cold dick.

Not a good look Christain, you a monster!


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