Chernobyl Diaries Quiz

Last week we did some Xtreme sports, and this week a quiz about Xtreme tourism. Well, grab your Geiger counter, it’s quiz time.

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

  1. On their extreme tourism adventure into the heart of Chernobyl country Uri takes our heroes on a tour of Pripyat. Where were they supposed to go instead and why?
  2. How many people went on this 4-hour-turned-4-ever tour with Uri in the Zombie Apocalypse on Gilligan’s Island very special television event (better twist than we actually got, imagine if at the end it turned out to be some Eastern European reality show)?
  3. When exploring an apartment building Uri sees three things that freak him out and cause him to rush everyone back to the van. One point each for identifying what concerned Uri about the town and building in particular that made him cut the tour short?
  4. After getting trapped in the town the group decided to be a bunch of dummies like the dummies that they are and stay around overnight like dummies. How far does Uri say the checkpoint is when they discover the van has been sabotaged?
  5. Ultimately after discovering a large band of mutants roaming the abandoned town the last two survivors, Paul and Amanda, are forced through a series of steam tunnels and into the abandoned reactor itself. Who are the “monsters” of the film, and what is the deal with the town itself? And I’m not just asking because the movie is very confusing … but also my answer might be wrong.

Spooky scary indeed. My bro doesn’t scare easy though and got them all right, how about you?


  1. Moscow because Chris was going to propose to Natalie there. But because Paul is a great big brother he thought it would be more exciting to be torn apart by mutant zombie people. He wasn’t technically wrong, but … Chris’ thing sounds like more fun.
  2. Six. Chris and Natalie the love birds. Paul is Chris’ older brother who has been living in Kiev as an expat. Amanda is Natalie’s friend and amateur photographer. And then a foreign couple, Michael (from Australia) and Zoe (from Norway).
  3. First, they see a dead dog on the stoop. This is odd because there usually aren’t animals at all in Pripyat. Second, Uri notices still burning ash from a fire, which seems to indicate a more … human element stalking about. Finally, a live bear comes tearing through the apartment itself, which again, weird because usually there aren’t animals about in Pripyat.
  4. Twenty kilometers, or around 12 miles. Easily runnable if you are in good shape, and also not nearly as hard to drag Chris’ immobile body once dawn broke as people seem to think. If none of them got out of the car in the first place they could have survived reasonably well … so y’all dumb.
  5. So the monsters are escaped patients from an on-site health care facility. It is somewhat indicated that a bunch of the people in the surrounding area aren’t nearly as not-there as has been indicated. They are, in fact, there and mutated. I think it is a government coverup to keep the extent of the human toll the original catastrophe took under wraps … but that is kind of just a guess. The mutants could just as easily be people who wandered into the still radioactive reactor, or even government-sponsored nuclear experimentation … full points for anything plausible sounding.

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