Alex & Emma Quiz

While dictating the next great American novel to the harried freelance stenographer you hired, your publisher called you up and said four words that would change the course of your romantic life! …

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

  1. Throughout the movie Emma (Kate Hudson) bothers Alex (Luke Wilson) by doing what? Hint: It concerns books … I mean Luke Wilson seems perturbed throughout, this seems to offend him.
  2. Rob Reiner just loves Alex’s mojo. How many novels has Alex written in his illustrious career?
  3. In order to lure Emma to her murder … er, to be a freelance stenographer in a highly unlikely literary gambit, Alex advertised the job under what guise?
  4. What nationalities does Emma’s fictional alter-egos in the story-within-a-movie take on throughout the film?
  5. The target of Adam Shipley’s lust is the single mother Penelope Delacroix. Adam is worried that Penelope is going to wed the very rich John Shaw, to whom she owes an enormous sum. What two ways does Adam think to get her out from underneath her debt?


  1. She reads books by first reading the last page to see the ending. She then decides whether she wants to hear the journey to that end.
  2. One. This is his sophomore and highly-anticipated effort.
  3. She thinks she is interviewing to be a stenographer for the law firm Polk, Taylor, Pierce, Fillmore and Van Buren (all pre-Lincoln presidents).
  4. Swedish (Ylva), German (Elsa), Spanish (Eldora), and American (Anna). Only Anna is anything but a complete embarrassment unfortunately.
  5. First, Penelope’s grandmother in France is meant to die soon and leave a large sum of money to Penelope. The grandmother does indeed die, but there was no money to inherit. Second, Adam gambles borrowed money at the local casino and plans on winning the sum necessary to free Penelope of her debt. Neither plan works because this is a tragic comedy.

So were you the fat whistling John Shaw, a man that no Penelope could love, money or no? Or were you the dashing (and rich in spirit!) Adam Shipley?


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