Alone in the Dark Quiz

You might be a perfectly (para)normal investigator by day, but in the World of Darkness you are in a spot of trouble. A pack of mostly invisible demon-dogs are hot on your trail and there is only one thing you can do to stop them: ace this quiz!

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

  1. In a long winded opening crawl and flashback scene it is explained that the mad scientist Lionel Hudgens kidnapped a whole gang of orphans for his spoooooky experiments in an abandoned gold mine. How many orphans were kidnapped?
  2. These kidnapped orphans, among others, have now, in the present day, become mindless killing machines. How are they being controlled by the eeeeeeeevil g-g-g-g-ghosts … uh, aliens? … uh, demons?
  3. But, then why oh why wasn’t Christian Slater’s character controlled the same way? He was also kidnapped after all.
  4. What are the demon dogs? I mean, even a basic explanation will suffice, it is very obviously incredibly unclear what is happening at any point in this film.
  5. What are we told is able to kill the demon dogs? What are we told can contain and prevent the electrical interference they exhibit as well?


  1. There were 20. One of them, the pluckiest of the bunch, managed to escape. His name? Edward Carnby BA BA BA!
  2. They have a parasite within them that attached to their spine which can control their nervous system. At one point the eeeeeeevil doctor gives a parasite to Edward’s friend via the mouth, easy peasy.
  3. Indeed, Edward also has a parasite, but it was electrocuted when he was young. After escaping the gold mine facility he hid from his pursuers near a high voltage transformer which evidently killed the parasite in his body.
  4. So in the video game they are creatures from the center of the earth. In the movie it looks like there is more of a portal within the gold mine, so it is plausible they come from another dimension a la Stranger Things. Honestly, it is super unclear, but they do borrow a lot from the fourth Alone in the Dark video game, as you’ll see in the next question.
  5. Light can kill them (again … this jives really well with the center of the earth explanation), and gold can contain and prevent their electrical interference (thus the portal is in a gold mine). Like … somehow this story makes sense and it pretty tight, but still goddamn insane.

Jamie used his paranormal investigation skillz to get a perfect score. Are you Edward Carnby slaying demon dogs (and the ladies)? Or are you a smug asshole like Richard Burke


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