Righteous Kill Quiz

A quiz on the film Righteous Kill. To ace it won’t require much skill. Just patience and time. Obsess on fictional crime. And it’ll help if you’re mentally ill. – Poetry Sklog

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1. Detectives Cowan (De Niro) and Fisk (Pacino) intentionally do not use their names during the film (in order to not give away the big twist ending, what a twist!). What are their nicknames?

2. During the course of the film Poetry Boy (spoiler alert, it is Al Pacino) kills multiple people, but what event started it all?

3. Name or describe the five people we “see” Pacino kill during the course of the film.

4. When Pacino and De Niro send a lawyer into Spider’s club (a converted Bank, it is so Hollywood Badass I love it) to get some cocaine while wearing a wire, what does she say she needs the cocaine for?

5. We’ll end with a tough one. In the NYPD softball game we see De Niro score a run. How would you log the run in the scorecard?


1. Al Pacino is called Rooster (awesome nickname) and De Niro is called Turk (fine nickname, would need to hear the story). Pacino is probably called Rooster because his giant bouffant hairstyle looks like a rooster’s comb. Don’t tell me otherwise.

2. When a murderer gets off due to an intimidated witness, Turk decides to frame him for an unrelated murder by placing the murder weapon at his house. Rooster, who idolizes Turk, decides that this means all law and order (duh-duh) has broken down. I AM THE LAW says Judge Rooster! Thus a criminal killing spree commences.

3. First was Rambo the ultra-rad skateboarding pimp. Then we hear about a gun runner killed in his house (killed by his own gun and with a pack of identical guns stolen, hope those aren’t used in a bunch of other murders!). Then two in a row as Anthony Michael Hall (a rapist) and child-molesting priest are both killed. Finally 50 Cent (Spider) himself gets got by Rooster right before Rooster is killed by Turk. The Russian enforcer doesn’t count, he’s a beast and survives getting shot six times.

4. Because she has to ask for a suspiciously large amount of cocaine (four grams) she claims she is going on a week long skiing trip with her besties and that they need the best “snow”. Spider sees right through this because he’s an intelligent drug dealer (or as De Niro says “a mutt, a fucking mutt”), watch out!

5. Turk hits a stand up triple to start. Then there is a fielder’s choice infield grounder where De Niro makes contact at the plate with John Leguizamo who drops the ball allowing the run.

So were you Turk or Rooster? Did your universe of law and order shatter around you leaving you a murderous broken man? Or did you play softball like a champ, NYPD softball league champs? I assume, they never suggested anything about the city-wide police softball standings.


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