The Game Plan Quiz

You might be a playboy star NFL QB, but zoinks! You just found out you have a daughter!!! Better put on your big-boy pants, learn to love again, and take this quiz!

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Joe Kingman is the star quarterback of the Boston Rebels, but he’s also the star in his adorable dog’s life. What kind of dog does Joe Kingman have?

2) Joe just needs a place for his daughter Peyton to go during the day when he is practicing. Luckily she’s an above average ballerina for her age, and gets enrolled in a prestigious ballet school. Unluckily this means Joe has to participate in the school’s recital (oh no! Say it ain’t so, Joe!). What part does he play in the recital?

3) After hurting Peyton’s feelings Joe tries to make it up to her by singing a beautiful tune. What song did he sing? Bonus points if you can correctly tell me whether Dwayne Johnson is a good singer.

4) In The Big Game what injury does the distracted and distraught Joe Kingman suffer?

5) Joe Kingman’s Boston Rebels beat the New York Dukes for that elusive championship ring. What was the final score though?


1) He has a bulldog named Spike, who obvs takes to Peyton immediately, dressing in a tutu and getting his nails painted and everything!

2) He plays the part of an enchanted tree. Now, there is some debate online about what the ballet actually was, but I’m inclined to believe that it is, in fact, fake. Basically it combines a few Swan Lake songs together (which they name drop earlier in the film), but the ballet is decidedly not Swan Lake.

3) He sings Are You Lonesome Tonight? by Elvis Presley. Joe Kingman is naturally a huge fan of The King. Bonus if you could correctly identify The Rock as a decent singer, but not great. Like, you’d think he was good if we was karaoking, but you aren’t falling over yourself trying to sign him to a record deal, you know?

4) He dislocates his shoulder. For a bit I thought he dislocated his throwing shoulder and I was going to flip out if he came back into the game, but it was his non-throwing shoulder so … well that is still pretty crazy, but he can at least throw the ball downfield still.

5) With four seconds left in the game Joe Kingman connects with Travis Sanders (played by Morris Chestnut) to put the Rebels up 10-7 and win it all. Pundits described it sarcastically as “a barn burner” and “one of the most boring Championship Games in history”.

So after you dislocated your (non-throwing) shoulder in the Championship game what did you do? Did you rally behind your new found family and toss a game winning TD to the star receiver you ignored all season? Or did you fumble away any hope you had of a championship (and love) in one final choke job to ruin your career? I know what Jamie did … that’s right a surprise QB option run into the endzone like a champ! Didn’t see that one coming did you?


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