Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties Quiz

‘Ello guvnaaah! Looks like Garfield is going to jolly ‘ol England he is he is! Enough of that, time for a quiz about your favourite (note the ‘u’) fat cat on the block and his fish-out-of-water adventure in the land of meat pies!

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) On the night of the big proposal Jon is rudely waylaid by Liz’s announcement that she has been invited to give a talk in London. Who did she replace at this prestigious conference?

2) Prince is a big ol’ fat cat, but English. Weirdly … he looks exactly like Garfield. What number in Prince in his familial line?

3) The eeeeeevil nephew Dargis (Billy Connolly) wants to rid himself of Prince. One method he attempts is to teach his dog to literally eat Prince. But what does the dog eat instead?

4) How does Jon discover that Garfield is at Prince’s palace? This is after losing Garfield for roughly the sixth time in England, a country that he illegally imported two animals to. If he was Johnny Depp … pheeeeew lad!

5) After eeeeevil nephew Dargis steals the estate from Prince, what does he plan to turn the estate into?

1) Jane Goodall … that is right, small town veterinarian Liz Wilson is replacing Jane Goodall at a conference … lucky them.

2) He is the twelfth Prince it is explained. They at one point suggest Garfield is a long lost cousin (oh good there is an explanation), but then they throw that in the trash and say that, indeed, it is just a coincidence.

3) The dog instead eats Dargis’ dick … well, actually his trousers, but he does bite Dargis’ dick (like for reals) multiple times in the film.

4) While randomly sitting in a park Odie brings him a newspaper which displays the story about Prince, a cat, inheriting a country estate. Jon, realizing that Prince and Garfield are virtually identical, rushes to the estate to see if there was, perchance, a switcheroo.

5) Like the eeeeeevil nephew Dargis that he is he wants to make it into a luxury spa complete with on-estate condominiums. He obviously would make bank, plus in accordance with UK law would probably have to create some local affordable housing to boot, win-win? Oh wait, he’s also going to eat all of the animals on the property, so nevermind, he’s eeeeevil nephew Dargis indeed!

So, did you help your secret royal doppelganger save his animal loving countryside estate from the mooching nephew? I know Jamie helped our triplet, Helmut, out. He’s a baron somewhere on a remote North Sea island last I heard. Helmut is a rascal.


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