Garfield Quiz

Garfield is a big cat with a ‘tude to match. Now, I know you all are huuuuuuuge Jim Davis-heads, so get on your thinking caps because this is a …

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Jon gets Odie after a miscommunication with his lady love Liz. What was Jon thinking Liz was asking him for when she foisted Odie onto him and Garfield?

2) Garfield isn’t exactly taken with Odie immediately, but he does teach Odie to dance his little heart out! What song does Garfield teach Odie to dance to?

3) Stephen Tobolowsky wants to steal Odie for his show, and lucky him, Odie ends up being found lost by a little old lady. What does Tobolowsky offer as a reward for handing over “his” dog Odie?

4) What trick does Tobolowsky want Odie to perform using the eeeeeeeevil illegal shock collar in order to quickly rise up the animal entertainment ranks?

5) In as much detail as possible how does Garfield escape the pound?


1) He thought she was asking him out on a date. The answer to that is YES! The answer to “will you adopt this dog Odie because you are the most loving and responsible animal lover I know?” is also YES! But with an added “also would you like to go out to dinner with me some night?”

2) Hey Mama by The Black Eyed Peas. We here at BMTHQ are huge Peas fans (that’s what we call them), and honestly, if we had known a music video would be shown in the actual film this probably would have been the movie we used for Apl.d.ap instead of Be Cool for the

3) A signed autograph. I wonder how much that piece of cinematic history goes for on the open market. A picture of Tobolowsky, but signed as one of his fictional characters.

4) A backflip. Just a press of the button and the dog is shocked into performing a perfect backflip. I hope someone doesn’t turn the tables and make you perform a backflip Tobolowsky.

5) At the pound Garfield meets Tobolowsky’s former animal sidekick, a cat. That cat is going to be adopted by a very nice looking family, and at the last moment the cat wriggles free and pressed a big button which released Garfield, allowing him to pursue Odie to the train station … as you’d imagine something like that would happen.

So which is it? Did you successfully discover that next big thing in the animal acting biz, the dog that dances to the Black Eyed Peas? I know Jamie rocked his little heart out to The Peas. He’d never embarrass himself in front of his much better twin brother (me) like Tobolowsky did.


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