Hunter Killer Quiz

Quizzes for BMT Lives are always tough. It is a challenge to try and recall what happened in a film you really only get to see once on the big screen. But let’s give it a show. Man the torpedoes boy, it’s time for a quiz!

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) When we meet our dashing new captain, what is he doing? And why does that make you love him so goddamned much?!

2) What makes Gerard Bulter’s character unique as a submarine captain? Hint, it has something to do with the coin he carries around with him. Partial credit if you can just indicate what the coin is.

3) What is the bad guy’s plans in the end, what are they after?

4) How many people were on the team operating surveillance, and how many died and how? In the most pointless garbage story of them all … I mean really, if you aren’t on a sub I don’t care about you.

5) Why can’t Gerard Butler just shoot up the defense minister at the end? Why the weird stuff about just having to wait until they get blasted apart?


1) He is bow hunting in the Scottish highlands. And he’s got a buck in his sights, but, oh, what is this? A little doe and baby deer trotting behind the dashing buck? Gerard tips his cap to the new father deer, and let’s them go on their way. And that, my friends, is why we love Gerard Butler so gaddamned much.

2) Alright, to start the coin is from the first submarine Butler was on, and he carries it around for good luck. The submarine was somewhat notorious for being a rough and tumble kind of boat I guess. Anyways, Bulter is an unorthodox choice for captain because he didn’t go through the naval academy. He moved his way up through the ranks doing every job on the boat along the way spending years of his life underwater. This is indicated when another officer offers him his challenge coin to use, but Butler says he doesn’t care for such things and only keeps one coin on his person, the one from his first boat. What a legend!

3) POWAH! Well, the bad guy, the defense minister for Russia, wants to start a big war in order to take over the country. So he sinks his own ship and the USS Tampa Bay to frame the Tampa Bay for an act of war. They will then float out to meet the US navy in combat and basically no matter what happens they will end up killing the Russian president, and then he will solidify backing from the world by releasing the (fake) evidence that the US struck first and murdered the leader of Russia. Easy peasy.

4) There are four people sent in. The grizzled veteran leader, two others, and the young buck sniper. Naturally the two others die, one in the firefight while extracting the Russian president from captivity, and the other while defending the president who is swimming to a mini-sub. The veteran and young buck then hide out until Gerard Butler can get them at the end of the film.

5) If he strikes at Russia it will trigger doomsday basically, there will be an automatic response. So he initially decides the two other options, dying or perhaps the other ship saving them, are both better options. Once the other ship does save them though, they kill the defense minister, which is fine because they are Russian, so there is no automatic response. Pretty neat.

Ah. So did you call all of them right? Like literally just flawless from start to finish like Gerard Butler. Or are you Gary Oldman, yelling and gnashing his teeth for war because he just can’t see what is obvious: Gerard Butler is awesome.



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