Show Dogs Quiz

Once upon a time I was basically like … obsessed with dogs. I knew a ton about them. Now? Well, I bet I would fail this quiz. That’s right, it’s a pop quiz about that movie you watched Show Dogs!

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) How do Frank (Will Arnett) and Max (voiced by Ludacris) end up being partners in the beginning of the film?

2) In order to better blend in Max recruits Philippe, a former champion show dog, to help train him. Why was Philippe thrown out of competitive show … dogging?

3) Similarly, what is Mattie’s (who is showing Daisy, Max’s dog love interest) secret past which makes her perfect in aiding the investigation?

4) There are three sections to the dog show, name them.

5) In the end the dastardly Gabriel is behind the animal smuggling operation. What three animals do we see him smuggling in a small prop plane out of Las Vegas?


1) Max is an NYPD dog cop staking out the docks in an effort to stop an animal smuggling ring (this time smuggling a baby panda). Frank is an FBI agent on the same case. When Max and Frank cross wires and blow their case, they are assigned as a team to continue the investigation.

2) Philippe was disqualified from a competition after his trainer used “fillers and plumpers” to fill in his “growl lines”. He then had a breakdown and attacked the judges, forever tainting his good name.

3) At one point a dog she was showing was kidnapped and she ended up becoming involved with the FBI herself. So she is a perfect undercover operative with dog show cred, and a perfect tutor for Frank.

4) Well two of them make sense. They are best in breed and best in show, which operate as normal, judges look at the dogs and decide which best represent the breed / dogs in general. But best in group is, for whatever reason, an agility competition. I guess because it strained too much credulity to suggest Max could actually win both best of breed and group with no prior dog show experience.

5) Naturally he is sending Daisy off to Ukraine to be breed in a puppy mill (gross …). Other than that he has the baby panda and a full grown tiger as well. And you can imagine what kind of trouble that panda gets into!

So, did you get Best in Show and get sex trafficked to the Ukraine? Or did you merely get second place and end up a big fat loser police dog? Honestly, I give Max an A for effort regardless, he is a straight genius dog.


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