Truth or Dare Quiz

In Truth or Dare a group of teens get challenged by a demon to a game of well … truth or dare. On this website a demon (me) challenged a group of people to a game of Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) When we meet our garbage dump of a hero she is very hesitant to go a-partying in sunny Mexico. What does she have plans to do for spring break instead, and why does she decide to go?

2) In Mexico a man named Carter traps them in a deadly game of Truth or Dare (ah, that’s the name of the movie!). Name as many of the truth/dare as you can.

3) In the end all but two of our seven newcomers to the game die. How did those five (Ronnie, Tyson, Penelope, Brad, Lucas in that order) die? Bonus for the other two players we see die as well.

4) In the end what is the only way the players can end the game?

5) How can the players end the game once the option described above is impossible, and what ultimate decision do they make concerning the game?


1) She is supposed to be a team leader at a Habitat for Humanity build. She is dead set on it, but her equally garbage friends reveal they cancelled that without teller her and promise to do double the work with six times the people so that’s like … twelve times the houses for humanity. Deal done.

2) Olivia (truth) is asked whether she would sacrifice an entire country for her friends lives and says no. Ronnie (dare) has to give a lap dance to Brad. Lucas (dare) has to streak. Markie (truth) is asked whether she knows Olivia is in love with her boyfriend Lucas. Tyson (dare) is dared not to sell drugs to freshmen anymore. Penelope (dare) needs to make out with Olivia (tight). Brad (truth) is asked who he most attracted to (he says Sam, aka Carter, our antagonist). And finally, Sam (truth) is asked what his intentions were: to trap all you idiots in this game mwuhuhuhuh! Straight off the dome!

3) Ronnie walks off of a pool table and breaks his neck. Tyson stabs himself in the eye. Penelope gets shot by another player who was dared to kill Olivia (this is Giselle who then shoots herself having failed the dare). Brad is shot by a police officer after stealing his father’s gun and threatening him on a dare. Lucas slits his own throat after stabbing Sam to death. Seven deaths.

4) They can only end the game if the person who released the demon Callux repeats an incantation seven times in the place the demon was invoked, cuts his/her tongue out, places it in a clay pot, and seals it with wax.

5) When Sam dies Olivia pulls a fast one on the demon and forces it to reveal the truth about how the game can be ended. The answer? It cannot now that Sam is dead! So naturally Olivia and Markie create a viral video inviting everyone in the world into the game in order to delay their turn somewhat indefinitely. You know … destroy humanity, a natural best option to having a demon problem. Piles. Of. Garbage.

So I guess the final question is truth or dare? Truth? How did you do on this quiz? Dare? I dare you to tell me how you did on this quiz! This is the level of gameplay we observe in the movie. Utter bullshit.


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