Hellraiser: Bloodline Quiz

Uh oh. You see guys I … uh, got myself into a bit of trouble here. You see, this week we watched Hellraiser: Bloodline, and honestly, it is nonsensical garbage. How are you supposed to make a quiz from that? Anyways, good luck?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) The film follows the lives of three separate iterations of the LeMarchand or Merchant family, the family who created the Hellraiser puzzle box and who is destined to destroy it as well, once and for all. What do the three LeMarchand / Merchant men do? What are their occupations?

2) In the past the box was commissioned by a terrible person to do terrible things (and Adam Scott). What is the original intention for the puzzle box?

3) In 1996 Adam Scott and the demon Angelique are still alive and kicking it in france dressed in flowing suits and having sex and whatnot. But then, Angelique escapes (oh no!). What does Adam Scott do that allows her to escape?

4) Pinhead is a cenobite, a human turned into a demon (I guess, I’m literally guessing). Angelique is an actual demon presumably. We do see another cenobites in the film though, can you name at least one?

5) Finally, what is future Merchant’s plan. Why is he summoning Pinhead?


1) Originally LeMarchand was a toy maker enlisted to make the hellish puzzle box by a bad bad man in France. The (very) 90s Merchant is an architect, as a matter of fact the architect who built the building we see at the end of Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth I think. And finally the future Merchant is the designer of a great space station that does … magic?

2) It is intended to open a doorway to hell, bring a demon through (Angelique), and finally enslave the demon for … sex I think, but honestly I don’t know. That’s what Adam Scott uses her for.

3) He “stands in the way of hell’s desires.” It was the number one rule. Angelique wanted to go to New York to see Merchant and probably kill him, or at least stop him from closing the doorway to hell. Adam Scott on the other hand wants to stay in France and have sex with Angelique. Voila! Angelique is freed, and Adam Scott is hoisted by his own petard!

4) There are three technically I guess. The twin security guards become a kind of warped cenobite who can tear people’s faces up using some twisting cylinder. And, my personally favorite, the Chatterer Beast! This is Pinhead’s pet dog. It chatters like the Chatterer from Hellraiser and Hellbound: Hellraiser II, which is kind of cool I guess.

5) He wants to get Pinhead into his space station, the final Elysium Configuration which creates a perpetual light loop which will, in theory, close the door to hell and destroy Pinhead and the cenobites for good. So he creates a cell, and uses a robot to open the doorway to hell, but then some soldiers screw everything up. It gets a bit dicey, but he still manages to destroy the cenobites in his super sweet space station, the end.

Phew, I did it! So, did you complete the Elysium Configuration and close the gateway to hell like Jamie? Or did you get got like those stupid soldiers who were complete dummies and almost ruined everything?


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