Highlander: The Final Dimension Quiz

There can only be one! This movie is obviously the worst because it begs the question: What happens if there were twin Highlanders? Huh? One would have to kill the other? Bullshit. Quiz time.

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) We open by completely ignoring Highlander II: The Quickening, and instead blast to the past to join up with Conor McCloud (he’s back jack!) after the death of his wife. What does McCloud decide to do after this unfortunate event?

2) Meanwhile our heroine Alexandra arrives in Japan circa 1994. What is her job and why is she there?

3) How many Highlanders die in the film?

4) Why does McCloud go back to the Scottish highlands?

5) Name at least three things Kane transforms himself into during the course of the film.


1) He decides to get a little R&R in beautiful Mount Niri. But whoa! Magic is real (well I guess Highlanders exists … so magic already existed in the series), and there is totally a sorcerer here. So McCloud decides to learn a bit of swordplay and magic from the magician, cool!

2) Her job is as an archeologist, but her speciality is using legends to inform where to look for ancient ruins. She is in Japan specifically to find the sorcerer Nankano’s cave in Mount Niri which was buried by Nankano’s magic upon defeating Kane.

3) Five in total I believe. McCloud defeats Kane and one of his buddies. And Kane defeated one of his friends and Nankano. But maybe you forgot, we also see a French Revolution Highlander get guillotines in Paris! I will not count any kind of flashback to Rodriguez (Connery) getting killed as that happened in a previous film.

4) He wants to forge a new blade after Kane toasted his. But bah! Nothing is going right! Enter Alexandra who has a sweet piece of metal of Nankano. Perfecto! McCloud makes a sweet blade. Super cool. But most importantly … McCloud gets to do his Rockey IV montage and swing his blade around and totes bone Alexandra. Super sweet.

5) He is, at the very least, a bird, McCloud, and Alexandra at different points during the film. But then he is also a walkway. And he’s a plane. And he’s a truck. And he’s McClouds son. He really does it all. It is very very impressive magic.

Did you do it? Did you quicken? Thought not, because I for sure know Jamie got them all right and quickened. And there can only be one!


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