Troll Quiz

I’m quizzing them. And then I’m going to quiz you. Oh my goooooooooooooooooood! Wait … wrong Troll movie.

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) When we first meet the Potters they are moving into their new digs in San Francisco. What very particular personal possession is Harry Potter Sr. proud of and his wife peeved by during the move?

2) What’s the story with the Troll? What’s his deal? Why is he making everyone into forests?

3) How does our hero Harry Potter Jr. figure out that Torok has taken on the guise of his sister? I mean … besides the fact that she acts like a feral animal and is super strong.

4) Name as many of the residents of the apartment building as you can.

5) How does our fearless hero Harry Potter Jr. claim victory and save his sister?


1) The sheer size of his record collection. He has hundreds of records. Luckily they would never subject us to a dance scene later in the movie … psych! They totally do and it is terrible.

2) As explained by the princess, long long ago when the world was just kind of … Europe I guess, the way they describe it was a world that simply never existed. Anyways, back then everything was in balance between all of the creatures of the world. But then the princess’s lover Prince Torok (or whatever) leads a rebellion to try and take over the world. Failing he was then banished (as a troll?) into some other magical realm. But he’s back, Jack, and ready to turn all of the world into a forest filmed with magic and junk. That’s at least roughly it.

3) Faking an illness Harry chills in his bedroom during the dinner party with Malcolm Malory and instead watches sci-fi marathons like a champ. During this marathon the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers (I assume, I’ve never seen it, but they use the words “pod people”) comes on and it clicks in his mind!

4) So there is the princess / witch (Eunice St. Clair), there is the marine (Barry Tabor), there is Sonny Bono the creeper, there is Malcolm Malory the dwarf English professor, and then there is Julia Louis-Dreyfus (and her boyfriend, although he doesn’t live there) whose character appears to be a waitress / actress. And the Potters of course who just moved in. What an odd ensemble!

5) Well … he doesn’t. He’s about to be killed like a dope, but the beast Torok created fails to listen to Torok’s warnings to not hurt the girl. Torok has taken a shine to her you see. So Torok blows the creature away and basically defeats himself. What a goober!

So were you Harry Potter Jr. saving your sister and getting them all right? Or were you Harry Potter Sr. dancing like an idiot to your record collection and got them all wrong?


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