Double Dragon Quiz

Oh no, I think I got punched real hard in the head by a Double Dragon. Can you help me remember what happened in this terrible movie? It might help me remember what is happening.

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Jimmy and Billy Lee are orphaned brothers. What happened to their father?

2) When our heroes first meet Abobo (before he becomes a monster) they are out after curfew. Why is there a curfew? And why are they out after it?

3) Shuko has three main minions (plus the monstrous Abobo which he has for literally a second before just abandoning him in the busted up theater). Can you describe them?

4) What does Shuko do to convince the gangs to rally behind him and take over the city?

5) What special super power does Shuko obtain by using the combined Double Dragon medallion?


1) He was murdered by Shuko. After their father discovered the Double Dragon medallion Shuko tried to convince him that they should take over the world using its power. The Lee’s father, being an honorable man, refused. So Shuko caused the cave to collapse and kill him.

2) There is a curfew because after Los Angeles was destroyed by “The Big One” (an earthquake) gangs took over and the police retreated to only patrolling the streets in the day time. They are out after curfew because Billy caused a riot at the karate tournament they were at, and by the time they left it was too late to get home before curfew.

3) Linda Lash is a blonde bombshell who favors a whip. Huey and Lewis (ayuuuuuuuup) are twin (?) karate masters (presumably) whose sole job appears to be to be embarrassed by the Lee brothers.

4) Shuko calls a meeting of the gangs where their current leader (spokesman?) claims they will never follow the likes of him. Shuko uses the spirit half of the medallion to turn into a shadow and choke that loser to death. Everyone is totes in awe of his powah and they all fall into line.

5) He turns himself into twin Shadow Warriors! Twin powers!? Used for evil?! Blasphemy. But guess what? Turns out they are defeated by light … like from a generator. That’s lucky.

Oh yeah now I remember, this movie gave me brain damage because it was so dumb (zing!). Did you get them all right and defeat the shadow warriors? I know Jamie did.


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