Vampire in Brooklyn Quiz

Hmmmmm, let’s see. Watching all of these bad movies is bad for my health, because the last thing I remember was seeing a vampire and him telling me I was going to become his ghoul … what the hell does that mean? Can you help me remember what happened in Vampire in Brooklyn?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Why does Eddie Murphy’s character Max go to Brooklyn in the first place?

2) During the film everyone is on tenterhooks concerning Rita’s mental state. Why?

3) What does Rita think happened to her father?

4) During his attempts to woo Rita, Max saves her life twice. From what does he save her?

5) What can’t Rita do (according to the vampire hunter Justice talks to) before Max is killed in order to make sure Rita can return to her mortal human form?

BONUS: Julius loses four body parts as Max’s ghoul. Name them.


1)  Because the vampire coven that he was a part of in the Caribbean had been wiped out. He had heard rumors of a woman who was half-vampire born from his coven living in Brooklyn. He needs to find her and mate with her, presumably to build up a new coven in the US.

2) Because her mother died in an insane asylum shortly before the events of the film. And people think Rita might be crazy too. But at the very least she should be in mourning.

3) The story she tells is that her mother was a researcher in the Caribbean. She met her father who was then murdered shortly before her mother returned to Brooklyn. Presumably this person was actually a vampire and possibly was actually killed, but probably by a vampire hunter in that case.

4) First, it is a snake in the dance club. Second, it is from a wild taxi driver after Rita gets suspended. I was hoping there would be a third, but nope, they then dance their little hearts out and Rita becomes a vampire.

5) She can’t succumb to the temptation to kill a human for their blood. Max tried to get her to kill a yuppie woman in the park, but she runs away. And then he tries to get her to feed on Silas who walks in on Rite looking sick. And finally he tempts her with Justice, but she gets him in the end, killing Max and regaining her human form.

BONUS: He loses an ear, then his hand (which he hilarious replaces with a mannequin hand), his eyeball falls out in a fight, and finally his grandfather pulls his arm off accidentally.

Phew, that’s right, this was pretty much a standard Dracula film, but with one or two not-very-funny jokes and Eddie Murphy … great, glad I watched it. Did you defeat Max like Jamie and regain your humanity? Or are you now a vampire like Julius, ruling Brooklyn with your grandfather chauffeur?


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