Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot Quiz

Wait, I remember that I’m a successful detective in the LAPD, but then my mother came to town, I hit my head, and now I can’t remember what happened. Do you remember what happened in Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) In the beginning of the film we see Stallone attempting to call his mother late night in a bar, and then later the next day as well. Why is he calling, and why doesn’t she pick up?

2) On the way back from the airport Stallone gets called to the scene of a potential suicide attempt. Why does the young man want to kill himself?

3) Right off the bat Stallone’s mother is all up in his business. That first night she tries to do three nice things for him which do not go over well. What are they?

4) Why aren’t thing working out so well for Stallone with his lady friend (and boss! That seems inappropriate)?

5) There is an entire B-story crime subplot here I haven’t even touched on. Explain it as best you can.


1) He’s attempting to stop his mother from visiting by telling her it is a bad time. She knows this and thus is simply not answering the phone. Pretty smart to be honest …

2) He has an overbearing mother! And guess what? Once he gets a load of Stallone and his mother, hooooooooooooooweeeeeeeeeeee he realized he just might not have it so bad and gets off the ledge.

3) First she cleans his whole house much to his chagrin, because it is keeping him up all night. Then she washes his gun with bleach and ruins it (ruins it!). And finally she forces him to eat a giant breakfast and get indigestion. What a life!

4) Because Stallone is an immature weirdo? No joke that seems like the reason. He doesn’t really show affection towards her. He likes his single bachelor life in his dirty bachelor pad. All of it is kind of symptoms of his troublesome dynamic with his overbearing mother. His mother tried to control his life, and so he rebelled by being a very self-concerned bachelor. There is some stuff about the death of his father mixed in there, but really it is all about that dynamic. He doesn’t want other people dictating how he should live, and that includes a girlfriend. And that obviously rubs his on-again-off-again girlfriend the wrong way as it means he doesn’t allow himself to become emotionally vulnerable … this has been Patrick’s ill-informed diagnosis of fictional character’s mental foibles.

5) Alright, so Stallone’s mother witnesses a murder most foul while trying to buy an illegal uzi from some dudes in a van. These guns it turns out were stolen from a cache which were falsely claimed to have been destroyed in a warehouse fire (presumably to be sold off … possibly just for insurance). The bad guy’s fixers are trying to murder everyone who knows the plot, and then the main bad guy murders the fixers, and then he’s hoping to just hop to South America and be done with it. Unfortunately he makes the very foolish (and pointless) decision to kidnap Stallone’s mother, and so obviously Stallone has to stop him. And stop him he does. The end.

Ah, that’s right … someone made a buddy cop film as a goof where a cop is paired … with his mother. That doesn’t sound aggravating at all. So did you make amends with your overbearing mother? Or did you blow it by throwing a temper tantrum like a child and drive your mother away? Perhaps, like Sylvester Stallone in this film you did both.


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