Armageddon Quiz

Don’t wanna close my eyeeeeeeeees. Don’t want to fall asleep, ‘cause I’d miss you baby, and I don’t want to miss a thiiii-iiing. Did you miss anything?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Harry is the baddest m-f-ing oil driller on the high seas, and his crew? It’s the best. AJ though, he can get a little wild. What two major mistakes does AJ make to get himself fired?

2) Let’s get into some asteroid facts! How big was the asteroid, which city do we see get hit by the asteroid in the beginning of the film, and which city is completely destroyed by the asteroid in the middle of the film?

3) Describe in as much detail as possible the actual plan to destroy the asteroid. And while you do this please laugh as little as possible.

4) Who were in the crews, who died, and how did they die? No need for names, but please, an hour of silence for our fallen heroes.

5) At the end of the film all of the remaining heroes draw straws to see who has to stay behind and detonate the bomb manually. Why do they have to detonate it manually?


1) The main one is that he started up drill two again without consulting Harry because he had a hunch they had some oil in them there … ocean. While they struck oil (which is good), the machine was turned off because it was faulty and it nearly kills a bunch of people on the rig (oh, that’s bad). The second one is that he’s been in a relationship with Harry’s daughter Liv Tyler. Whoops!

2) It is as big as the state of Texas (a humanity ender indeed, that is incredibly big). In the beginning we see New York get struck by the asteroid fragments (complete with references to Godzilla, which came out that same summer in 1998). And finally, Paris is completely destroyed mid-way through the film because … to amp up the action and body count I guess?

3) They will blast off in two space shuttles (simultaneously from Florida … for some reason). They will then rendezvous with the Russia space station and a cosmonaut will help them refuel. They will then slingshot around the Moon just as the asteroid passes, allowing them to safely land on the surface. There they’ll drill an 800 foot hole, place a nuke inside, and blast the asteroid into two pieces that will both safely miss Earth. A … few things go wrong.

4) So on the second shuttle two drillers (Owen Wilson … and the other guy), and all three crew members were killed in the crash on the asteroid, leaving AJ, Bear, and the cosmonaut alive. They all make it back. The other crew has Max, who is driving the Armadillo, die when a gas pocket blows him off the asteroid. One astronaut dies during a freak rock storm … or something. This leaves two pilots, five drillers, and a cosmonaut. Harry stays behind to detonate the bomb. So out of the original 14 crew (plus extra unanticipated cosmonaut, so 15 in total), seven survive and make it back to Earth.

5) So initially the military gets spooked and tries to detonate the nuke on the surface of the asteroid, but William Fitchner helps them deactivate it. Afterwards, during the freak … asteroid storm, the nuke is further damaged meaning it cannot be detonated remotely at all. So they draw straws.

Wow, that’s a lot of plot. Did you blow up the asteroid and save the planet? Or did you get space psychosis and blow it?


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