Jungle 2 Jungle Quiz

Huh, the last thing I remember was my long lost son from the Amazon shot me with a dart and I fell into a deep slumber … do you remember what happened in Jungle 2 Jungle?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) We open with Michael Cromwell travelling to the Venezuelan Amazon where he meets his long lost son. Why did he go to the Amazon in the first place?

2) It just so happens that it is Mimi-Siku’s birthday! And it’s a big one, he’s being declared a man in the eyes of the tribe. What is the task he is given by the chief of the tribe?

3) The B-story in this children’s film is a very interesting story about coffee speculation. Please describe in as much detail as possible the trajectory and issues involving these certificates.

4) What is Michael’s fiance’s job?

5) What does Leelee Sobieski’s new Amazonian tribal name mean? I won’t make you try and remember the actual name … it was Ukeme.



1) He’s getting married. One problem, he’s already married. He’s going to the Amazon to find his estranged wife to ask for a divorce.

2) He is to go with his father to New York City and get fire from the Statue of Liberty. Michael is too flabbergasted to mention that, hey … that statue doesn’t have real fire. He leaves that to Mimi-Siku to find out for himself.

3) Michael buys the options right before heading to Venezuela (which seems like a mistake) on a hunch. His hunch pays off though, because coffee goes up and he makes a cool $300K. One problem, he didn’t confirm the transaction and the market collapses before he gets back. Martin Short then sells the options to the Russian Mafia, but they get angry because the market collapses further and they (correctly) think Michael was just trying to offload the coffee on them. They give the money back … but then the market skyrockets! And now the Russian Mafia thinks they screwed them that way, and they’re going to basically murder all of them (fun!). Phew, what a rollercoaster, almost literally.

4) She’s a fashion designer. She’s famous enough that she is having a documentary being made about her.

5) Ukeme means the sound of rain on the water. Which is, indeed, lovely. Mimi-Siku’s a player.

Oh yeah, we all learned to live and love again. So were you Michael Cromwell before Mimi-Siku, a cold-stone killer of financial instruments with a heart of coal? Or were you Michael Cromwell after Mimi-Siku, a father-first killer of financial instruments with a heart of gold?


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