Medicine Man Quiz

Uh oh. In addition to forgetting the cure for cancer, I also drank too much native Amazonian alcohol during the celebration last night. Can you help me remember what happened in Medicine Man?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) When Bracco finds Connery in the rainforest he’s celebrating with his Amazonian friends. He’s decided to get shit faced and dress up as an animal. What animal?

2) The problem is that Connery has forgotten the cure for cancer! Whoops! He keeps making the solution, but none of them have the mystical peak 37 which is, of course, everything. What is the serum made from? In the end what was the actual source of peak 37?

3) Connery is naturally a tragic hero. What is he beating himself up over, so badly that even his wife is like “for reals, get over it”?

4) In addition to the frustrations that forgetting the cure for cancer poses (again, whoops), there is also an increasingly pressing issue facing Connery and the tribe. What is it?

5) In the movie two people in the tribe get cancer, despite the fact that Connery specifically sought out the tribe because they had an unusually low cancer rate. Why did these two people get cancer then?



1) He is dressed as a Toucan. A Crane you say? Nay, that is merely the name of Bracco’s character. Simply mistake. And an amusing one. So amusing you should probably milk that joke for like … 10 goddamn minutes.

2) It is made from the “sky flower”, a flower that only grows in this one particular spot 100 feet up into the canopy. And, they end up figuring out that peak 37, the cure for cancer, is actually due to the gross ants that live inside of them, not the flower itself.

3) He was part of a crew from the drug company that came to the Amazon to commercialize a potent painkiller. Unfortunately, he also had Swine Flu and wiped out dozens of native Amazonians. He doesn’t feel great about this.

4) The government is building a road through the area for a logging company. They want to relocate the tribe to a government reservation and knock down the trees that definitely house a cure for cancer. Which is a problem for Connery.

5) The first person mentioned is a woman from a different tribe that married in. She doesn’t like the taste of the flowers so avoids things made with them. The second person is her son, presumably he also doesn’t like the flower. Like mother like son.

Oh yeah, that’s right … the logging company destroyed the cure for cancer … welp might as well break up with my fiance and go deeper into the jungle.



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