Gone in 60 Seconds Quiz

Hmmmm, I remember tearing around town in this stolen car, but after a big bridge jump I knocked m’head about a bit and can’t remember a thing. Do you remember what happened in Gone in 60 Seconds?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Kip done done it now! He blew the job and the boss ain’t happy. Not only that, but they left tons of evidence behind in the warehouse they were working in. What three key pieces of evidence were left behind?

2) Well Kip is in some hot water and they need to call big bro Memphis up to patch things up (as usual). What does Memphis do now?

3) Why do they nickname all of the cars with women’s names?

4) Can you name the crew? Even just getting the numbers would be pretty impressive.

5) Why are they stealing all 50 cars in one night, and why is Eleanor saved until last?


1) First they smashed one of their blacklights. This is a huge mistake because it allowed the detectives to uncover the second bit of evidence: a list of all of the cars written in black light pen which they didn’t have time to deal with. The final bit is that they had already stolen three cars with state of the art security systems which needed special keys to steal, which leads to the whole “dirty lady” twist during the big heist.

2) He runs a kids go cart track and teaches fancy driving naturally. But his self-imposed exile is about to be over, he’s back in the game!

3) Why names? Because that way you can say the name over the radio and not get caught if people happen to be snooping. Why lady names? Because these cars are just that sexy.

4) Patton in an old friend of Memphis who is still in the game, he’s the contact. Duvall is an old friend as well, he runs the operation and can do touch ups and whatnot. Chi McBride was teaching driving when they called him. Sphynx is a guy who doesn’t ever speak and can beat people up. Jolie plays Memphis’ ex in addition to a bad ass lady. Ribisi aka Kip is Memphis’ little brother, and he has his own crew, including Mirror Man, Scott Caan, and then two other mostly useless people. Ten people! I guess you only have to steal 5 cars each, so perhaps they were going for realism there.

5) Memphis’ idea is that if you steal them all at once, there is less time for the police to connect the dots and start targeting high profile cars (good thought). He saves Eleanor for last because he’s scuuuuuuurrrrrrred. He’s scared of Eleanor because he’s had some bad experiences with her, including driving off of the Long Beach Pier apparently.

Oh yeah, I stole like 50 cars and the police definitely saw me doing it and I should get outta town! But first, a BBQ with my fambly.


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