Summer Catch Quiz

Huh, the last thing I remember I was playing catch with my best bro Bru and then I got knocked in the head with a baseball and I can’t remember a thing. Do you remember what happened in Summer Catch?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) When Ryan (Freddie Prinze Jr.) first sees Jessica Biel, besides his eyes popping out of his head like a cartoon wolf, what two things does he do wrong with his landscaping duties? Wowza!

2) This is Ryan’s last chance to make it big. Where did he play his college ball, and why was he thrown off of the team?

3) Well we all know what Ryan wants to do with his life, but what does Jessica Biel’s character want to do with her life?

4) Well Ryan sucks at baseball it turns out and is relegated to the bullpen. That’s a bummer. But what luck! The star pitcher just burned down the pressbox and was thrown off of the team. Great. How did the fire start?

5) In the final game of the season Ryan (almost) throws a no hitter, but guess what? He’s got to go see about a girl (at the airport). But it isn’t too late! John C. McGinley is there to tell him he’s being called up to single A! Which Major League team is he involved with and where is he going to play?

BONUS: Who hit a home run off of Ryan in his first at bat in his major league debut?



1) He runs over a flower bed (whoops) and runs into a bird feeder (double whoops!). What a klutz. But do you know what klutzes get? That’s right, the girl! You get ‘em Ryan!

2) He played at Framingham State University. And he was thrown off of the team for fighting with a teammate. But, it wasn’t really his fault. You see, he has anger problems. … Wait, that’s totally his fault! Well, maybe he was angry because his Mom died, but I like to think it was just because he’s an angry dude, you know?

3) She wants to be an architect. And, eventually, stand by her famous major league ballplayer husband Ryan (I assume). Either way, as long as they are doing what they love that is all that matters, awwwwwwww.

4) The goobers are trying to get laid (and paid, but at this particular moment mostly laid), and the star pitcher decides he has to light an entire pack of matches on fire and then drops it directly into a box full of newspapers. I literally have no words to describe how dumb this person obviously is.

5) He is getting called up to the Phillies which is fun I guess. Could have been the Sox, just saying. Anyways, he’s off to the Batavia Muckdogs. They are now affiliated with the Marlins, you almost got to pay no state income tax Ryan! Tough luck.

BONUS: Ken Griffey Jr.

Oh yeah that’s right. I drank some beers, hung with my bros, got the babes, and ate some burgers (probably, that wasn’t really in the movie, but it was summer on the Cape so I probably did). Now it is off to Batavia to become a big league pitcher. That’s a lotta B’s!


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