Hackers Quiz

Man, the last thing I remember I was in Grand Central hacking the Gibson, you know, the usual. But then this totes elite bad guy kicked me out of the kernel! Way not cool. Can you remember what happened in Hackers?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) To start let’s get all of the main players’ hacker handles. That’s the five good guys (without Joey who doesn’t have a handle), and the main bad guy.

2) What are the four most common passwords?

3) Meanwhile Fisher Stevens has a big plan to striking it rich, what is it?

4) During Miller and Jolie’s hacking competition they do four bad things to hassle Agent Gill and make his life hard. What are they?

5) Explain the plan to stop Fisher and the FBI from stopping them on the day that they are to be arrested.


1) There is Crash Override (aka Zero Cool, Miller), Acid Burn (Jolie), Cereal Killer (Lillard), and then the Phantom Phreak, and Lord Nikon. The main bad guy goes by The Plague.

2) Love, Secret, Sex, and (of course) God. They want you to know it several times to specifically not use those passwords.

3) He is a hacker who works for a multinational oil corporation called Ellingson Minerals, and he’s created a worm program. This program lurks in the Gibson (the large supercomputer which organizes the company’s global operations) and takes fractions of cents here and there from each transaction the company makes. Once it hits $20 million in a few days it’ll zip away to a secret account in the Bahamas, and so will he.

4) They change personal ads to point to his work telephone number so that he gets hundreds of unsolicited and very sexually explicit messages. They cancel all of his credit cards. They give him hundreds of traffic tickets to get him arrested. And finally Miller marks him as officially deceased (presumably in the New York City records).

5) On the day they are to be arrested Miller sets up the traffic lights in Manhattan to go haywire. This allows them to evade the FBI for several minutes. They set up shop in Grand Central at a bank of payphones and unleash all of their viruses (in addition to a group of international hackers) on Ellingson hoping to keep The Plague busy. Meanwhile Miller (and then Joey) try and sneak in and copy the whole worm in the garbage directory as evidence against The Plague. They naturally Hack The Planet, beat the bad guys, and restore the good name of white hat hackers everywhere! Hooray!

Oh yeah. Me and my hacker friends Hacked the Planet, beat The Plague, saved the ecosystem, and took down the Gibson! So, are you Elite? Or did your mom buy you a ‘puter for Christmas?


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