The Lawnmower Man Quiz

Hmmmm, last thing I remember I was playing this weird VR game with my best bud Dr. Angelo. The next thing I remember I was looking hot, smashing ladies, and super smart to boot! Do you remember what else happened in The Lawnmower Man?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) In the beginning of the film Dr. Angelo is sidelined by The Shop for an indeterminate amount of time. Why?

2) So Angelo decides to continue his work (without the aggression factor) on The Lawnmower Man, a mentally handicapped assistant to his gardener. What is, on a superficial level, Dr. Angelo’s research?

3) There are four people in town that The Lawnmower Man beefs with during the movie. Name them.

4) Initially The Shop is interested in Angelo’s research to create a super soldier. Eventually why do they become interested in The Lawnmower Man?

5) In the end what does The Lawnmower Man want to do, what is his goal in life?


1) So Angelo’s research for the shop involves creating super soldiers. They are testing his intelligence enhancing formula alongside an aggression factor on Chimpanzee test subjects. The most successful of these subjects gets so smart that he goes berserk, kills a bunch of guards, and then is destroyed. Whoops!

2) He basically hooks up a subject in a complete sensory virtual reality experience. The doctor then applies boiled down information / games (roughly what he shows The Lawnmower Man early in the film) which allows the subjects to consume information incredibly quickly. It is … well he basically invents the learning laser beam from Battlefield Earth. Which is fun.

3) First he beefs with his adoptive father the priest who abuses him. Second he beefs with Dr. Angelo’s next door neighbor who is a drunk and abuses his wife and son. And then he also beefs with the gas station attendant who is too cool for school to be sure. Finally, he eventually beefs with Dr. Angelo who doesn’t quite share his vision of world domination.

4) So you would think it would be because they realize The Lawnmower Man is a super soldier. Nope! They kind of just think he’s super smart and don’t seem to give a shit that they got exactly what they wanted. Basically they don’t seem to believe that The Lawnmower Man has psychic powers and so think that Angelo must have also created some amazing super weapon he is using instead. And oh boy do they want that.

5) Let’s say besides retribution (which he gets in spades). Well, he wants to control the world. He wants to enter cyberspace, become pure information, and make all the telephones in the world ring at once. His birth cry is what he calls it.

Oh yeah, that’s right. I then went insane and tried to enter cyberspace to take over the world … well I hope Dr. Angelo stopped me, because that does not sound good!


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