Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace Quiz

Hmmmm, let’s see. I remember being resurrected from cyberspace in dystopian LA, but to be perfectly honest I didn’t really pay much attention to what’s been happening. Did you? Do you know what happened in Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) In the beginning of the film Jobe is recovered and revived. Why?

2) Peter Parkette now lives in post-apocalyptic LA with his gang of wiley orphans (what happened to his mother? Who cares, I guess she’s dead, did you hear what I said? We’re in dystopian LA! It’s Double Dragon all over again!). Where is their hideout located?

3) In the middle of the film a government official of some kind visits the facility. Why? And what happens to him?

4) Ultimately, Dr. Benjamin Trace the inventor of the Chiron Chip is coaxed out of hiding. What is his plan to stop Jobe before it is too late!?

5) And when that doesn’t work, what is the plan to infiltrate cyberspace and stop Jobe in his natural habitat: VR ‘puter-town? I’m pretty sure that is what the weird city they created is called.


1) Jonathan Walker has obtained the rights to the Chiron Chip, some sort of communications chip capable of taking over the world. But he can’t reconstruct it without a super genius. Luckily they find Jobe, and he very much fits the bill. After a double amputation and a little VR rehabilitation, he’s good to go.

2) It is located in a subway car on an unused LA subway track. And guess what else? They are 1337 H4xx0rs brooooooooooooo. Hack the planet!!

3) He’s there for a final inspection for his sub-committee who will sign off on the Chiron Chip’s use in international communications (or some shit, whatever). He goes away none too pleased with what he sees, though. Luckily Jobe is an insane person with infinite access to cyberspace so he just downs government-man’s plane on the way back to Washington. Easy peasy, and now the sub-committee, running out of time, signs off on the work in lieu of another inspection.

4) He teams up with his ragtag group of orphans and with the unwitting help of Dr. Cori Platt (his former beau) he breaks into the facility and steals the Chiron Chip using an ice cube (you see there is this temperature sensitive sensor and … it doesn’t matter). Unfortunately, once they are back at his secret desert base Trace realizes they’ve been duped, the Chiron Chip is a fake and Jobe is going to go online in mere hours.

5) They are going to jack into the matrix far away from Jobe, and then using their sweet cyberbikes they’ll sidle up to him, and before it’s too late … well, the plan didn’t seem to really get that far, instead I guess we’ll have a sword fight and then Jobe will like … destroy cyberspace with his mind or something. It was really unclear, but rest assured, Jobe is cured of his evil geniusness and basks in the cleansing rays of the sun with the new best friends Dr. Trace and his Gang of Misfit Orphans. God, this movie is great, I don’t even care how much of this is wrong, it is just so dumb and hilarious.

Right right right. I’m still evil! I’m still evil Jobe trying to take over the world … welp, again, I hope someone stopped me, because I’m a huge megalomaniac / asshole. The world would become even more of a post-apocalyptic wasteland if I somehow became in charge!


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