Sleeping with the Enemy Quiz

Hmmmmm, let’s see I was on my new friend’s boat in a storm, and then got tossed overboard by the boom … and then I can’t remember anything. Where’s my wife again?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) In the beginning of the film the happy couple takes a boat ride with their new next door neighbor. Why doesn’t Julia Roberts like to go sailing, and why does she spash two lights on shore before leaving?

2) What state did Julia Roberts live in? Where did she move? Where did she apparently grow up (i.e. where was her mother’s original nursing home)?

3) What song if Julia Roberts’ new beau singing in the garden he he dances his fro out into a curly god-like lion’s mane?

4) What job does Julia Roberts get in town, and what job does her beau Kevin Anderson have?

5) What four pieces of evidence does the baddy collect before becoming convinced that his wife is alive?



1) She doesn’t like to sail because she nearly drowned when she was a child, and thus never learned to swim. She uses this to her advantage though by secretly learning to swim and using the opportunity to fake her own death. The broken lights were to lead her home after pretending to down off the cape.

2) She lived in Massachusetts, they lived in Boston and he was an investment counsellor. She moves to a quaint town in Iowa, truly small town America. And her mother was originally houses in Minnesota which I assume is where Julia Roberts’ character grew up.

3) He is singing the Jet Song from West Side Story. And it is beautiful.

4) She becomes a librarian (she likes books, it was something of a passion of hers prior to her terrifying marriage to her husband), and he is a drama teacher at a college in Cedar Rapids. He once tried to become an actor in New York, but moved back when it didn’t work out.

5) First he steps on some glass from the broken light bulbs outside his house. He seems suspicious that these two lightbulbs alone are broken … but he doesn’t yet put two and two together. He then receives a call from a swimming buddy of Julia’s who must have seen Julia Robert’s obituary in the newspaper sending condolences to Bergin. He’s all like “But my wife couldn’t swim …” duh duh duh. He then tears his beach house apart and discovers Roberts’ wedding ring in the toilet. And finally trying to figure out how to confirm that Roberts is still alive, he ends up discovering that she had lied about her mother dying six months prior, which is ultimately how Bergin found Roberts in the end.

Oh right, she left me because I’m an asshole. Hmm … should I move on with my life, or become a psycho stalker roaming the country trying to find her? Decisions, decisions.


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