Perfect Quiz

Let’s see, one minute I was in my daily jazzercise / aerobics class with a sexy instructor, and the next I got kicked in the head during a particularly jazzy 80s guitar riff. I do not remember a thing. Do you remember what happened in the movie Perfect?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) During the course of the film John Travolta works on two stories. One of them is about the trial of a businessman named MacKenzie. What was he arrested for, and what big scoop does Travolta get from him?

2) What is Jamie Lee Curtis’ nickname at the health club?

3) What was Jamie Lee Curtis’ previous career and why doesn’t Jamie Lee Curtis trust journalists?

4) Ultimately what story does John Travolta write about the gym? What was the original story?

5) In the end why does Travolta go to prison?


1) He was arrested for drug dealing. But that isn’t what he claims actually happened to Travolta. The actual story is something about him, trying to save his business, attempted to sell computers across the Iron Curtain to Czechloslovakia. Once the government caught whiff of this, yes illegal, action they framed him for drug trafficking.

2) The Pied Piper of Aerobics. It is so shocking, and they say it so many times that you better have remembered this minutiae.

3) She was an olympic swimmer. And she doesn’t trust journalists because back then she talked with a journalist who was doing a story about the olympic team, and the story ended up just being about the alleged affair with her coach. The story was true, but it still wasn’t supposed to come out and it destroyed her coach’s marriage (although most people who say the affair did that … potato potato)

4) He writes a story about how yearning for perfection within oneself is in actuality the modern frontier of philosophy and self-help. It is a bunch of nonsense about Emerson. The original story was about how the pursuit of perfection ends up leading poor souls down the path to self-destruction with plastic surgery and meaningless sex becoming normal. As usual the actual answer problem lies somewhere in the much more boring middle of those two nonsense stories.

5) He goes to prison because he refuses to turn over the original tape of his interview with MacKenzie. Now, I can kind of see how this works. They know his source (MacKenzie), but they can’t compel him to testify against himself (the fifth amendment), so they want the tape to, I think, avoid hearsay if they tried to compel Travolta to speak about his conversation with MacKenzie … or maybe just in case there are more crimes discussed on the tape? It is not your traditional go-to-jail-to-protect-my-source story is what I’m saying.

Oh yeah, right, I’m an investigative … magazine article writer, and I have to go to prison for my super noble art. But first I have to finish off this super important fluff piece on gyms being the new books clubs of Arizona, it’s called a deadline, ever heard of it?


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