Gangster Squad Quiz

It’s time to kill some gangsters, seeeeeee. But the thing is? I kind of got ‘sploded by a stick of dynamite while chasing these gangsters, got a concussion, and can’t remember a thing. Can you remember what happened in Gangster Squad?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Let’s start with a straightforward one: describe the Gangster Squad, who is in it?

2) What is the Gangster Squad’s plan to take down Cohen? Like … they aren’t going to go up and shoot him in the face right?

3) What event makes Gosling become a full-throated member of the Gangster Squad.

4) What is Emma Stone’s presumed job with Mickey Cohen? In reality she is naturally just his girlfriend. Why does Emma Stone eventually run away and then turn on Cohen?

5) How does the Gangster Squad get the arrest warrant for Mickey Cohen?


1) Our main man is WWII veteran and general badass Josh Brolin. The second banana is Gosling, a disenchanted drunk who seems more interested in Emma Stone than the Gangster Squad. We have the two sharpshooters, Robert Patrick an old gunslinger who wears a six shooter at his hip, and Michael Pena who is his young Mexican partner who he is training. There is Anthony Mackie who is a black detective working the neighborhood where Mickey Cohen’s smack is destroying people’s lives. And there is Giovanni Ribisi the tech wizard who is all about those wiretaps and getting strangled to death.

2) They are basically going to destroy his money train by posing as a rival gang knocking over Cohen’s various speakeasies, gambling joints, and off track betting parlors. They use Ribisi’s wiretap to figure out where all of the pieces of Cohen’s empire is.

3) Cohen is initially being protected by the big Italian mob boss in the area. Cohen, who is Jewish and looked down upon by the actual mafia, decides to rebel and kill him. Gosling’s shoeshine friend gets caught in the line of fire and is killed. And now it is time for Gosling to join … the Gangster Squad!

4) She is initially described as Cohen’s etiquette coach, and you do see her correct him on which fork to use while eating at a formal dinner. She first runs away because, prior to realizing he is being tapped, Cohen becomes suspicious that she is the rat in his crew. Once she runs away a jealous Cohen then sends people to kill her and disfigure her with acid.

5) First, Emma Stone offers to be the witness against Cohen in a trial. Second, because of Ribisi’s wiretap they had dirt on a judge who has a thing for prostitutes (something Cohen had is spades). And they are off to the races.

Ah right, I got into a bare knuckle boxing match with Mickey Cohen and knocked him out with my WWII veteran muscles. So did you get them all right, and win the LAPD boxing championship?


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