The Intruder Quiz

Oh man, so last night I discovered that my landlord was living under my apartment like a weirdo. But then … the last thing I remember was him attacking me and then nothing. Huh. Do you remember what happened in The Intruder?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Scott and Annie are living the high life in the start-up scene of San Francisco. Killing it, natch. What does Scott do for a living?

2) But Annie wants to start a family (natch) and she’s got her eye on moving out of the big city to the quiet life of Napa Valley. That’s where they meet Charlie and his beautiful home. What is the name of Charlie’s estate?

3) One of the many things that Scott does that annoys Charlie is that he won’t abide by guns, whereas Charlie loves to hunt. Why doesn’t Scott like guns?

4) During the course of the film Charlie claims he is or will be living in two different places. Name them, and also where has Charlie actually been living this entire time?

5) While investigating the age old question “what’s the deal with Charlie, the weirdo who used to own my house?” Scott discovers that Charlie had gotten into two major bits of legal trouble culminating in him having to sell the house to Scott. What did Charlie do? What’s the deal with Charlie?!


1) He is in marketing. They appear to be a small boutique marketing company catering specifically to other small start-ups / companies.

2) Foxglove. But wait ….. Isn’t foxglove poisonous?! Bum bum bum.

3) Scott, when he was ten years old, witnessed his brother get killed in the street by a gun (presumably in gang violence? I can’t remember). So he has a pretty understandable aversion to guns. Charlie just thinks Scott’s a pussy, he literally says so at the end right before Scott murders him.

4) First, Charlie claims he is going to go live in Florida with his daughter. Turns out that isn’t true, as a matter of fact his daughter changed her name and wants nothing to do with her father. Second, Charlie claims he is living in a hotel in town. Scott and Annie even see him drinking alone in the hotel bar late one night. But uh-uh, Charlie is secretly living in a little apartment he built under the house. Biding his time, seducing Annie with his charms, just waiting to get his life back and reclaim Foxglove! Charlie knows what he wants, I have to give him that.

5) First, he murdered his wife. His wife, dissatisfied with her life with Charlie The Weirdo and in a fit of pique, tells Charlie that she’s going to divorce him and take Foxglove away from him. Wrong move lady! Charlie kills her and makes it look like she killed herself. There was an investigation and everything, but they couldn’t conclude it was homicide. Otherwise, Charlie had been running a successful construction company right up until it was very not successful. The sale of Foxglove was in part to get the $3 million dollars he owned various people. Charlie was not a successful man, but … the guy knows how to maintain a property I can’t tell you that much.

Ah right, … no that was it, he attacked me and then I killed him in cold blood. Welp, I’m a murderer now, I get to live with that dark secret the rest of my life. See you later!


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