Countdown Quiz

Well, it is a classic story. I downloaded an app which said I would forget everything about the movie I was watching in three minutes. Obviously, I laughed at it … but now I’m a bit freaked out, I really can’t remember what happened in Countdown! Do you?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Our hero Quinn is a smart lady with a lot to live for and a lot to celebrate. At the beginning of the film the creepy doctor throws her a little party and wants to take her on a completely professional date. What are they celebrating?

2) After the killer app takes control of Quinn’s life she tries to delete it at a phone help desk where she meets Matt, a young man with a haunted past. Who is haunting him and why?

3) How many people die from the killer app during the course of the film?

4) Of the five people whose fates we know about, how were they all supposed to originally die and how did they break Countdown’s user agreement?

5) Why does Quinn and her sister individually blame themselves for their mother’s death?


1) She just passed her test to become a registered nurse. And creepy doctor has another thing to celebrate: he gets to try and lord this over her in an attempt to sexually assault her! Gross creepy doctor.

2) Matt’s younger brother died of a chronic illness when he was growing up. For the year he was in the hospital Matt resented the lack of attention he was getting from his parents. And when his brother got a kick-ass new toy? He stole it like a jerk! So now his brother is haunting him.

3) Three people in total die, the two teenagers in the beginning and Matt. This is an astonishingly low body count. This is why you make your main character have like five besties instead of being a depressing loner nurse.

4) The first teenage girl was supposed to be in the car when her boyfriend drunkenly crashes into a tree and kills her. The boyfriend then was supposed to die while having surgery on his leg. Matt was supposed to be taking a train to visit his grandmother (I think) which was to crash. Finally, Quinn and her sister would have died (probably in a car accident with their father) on the way to visiting their mother’s gravesite.

5) Quinn disobeyed her mother and went out to a party she wasn’t supposed to go to. Quinn’s sister knew where she had gone, but lied and said she didn’t know. Their mother went out to search for Quinn and, not knowing where she was, was searching all over town when she was killed by a drunk driver. So both see their actions as being a preventable key to their mother’s death. In reality, remember, it was the drunk driver’s fault, not theirs.

Oh right, no, I probably just wasn’t paying attention. That movie sounds weird.


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