Serenity (2019) Quiz

I think my years of living off the grid and drinking massive amounts of run on Plymouth island has given me brain damage because I can’t remember a thing. Do you remember what happened in Serenity (2019)?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) In the beginning of the film McConaughey is out fishing with some tourists. When one of the rods gets a nibble McConaughey takes over, much to the chagrin of his paying customers. Why does he take it over?

2) Might as well get this over with: Where is Plymouth Island located?

3) What three ways do we see McConaughey make money during the course of the film?

4) What two gifts does he receive to help him catch the giant tuna Justice?

5) Oh yeah, the plot of the film … McConaughey is asked to kill his ex-wife’s abusive husband. How much would he be paid to complete this task, and why is this person so rich and powerful?


1) Because he sees the frigatebird. This is the symbol that indicates that the giant Tuna justice is on the line.

2) Inside a video game created by his son. It turns out McConaughey died in Iraq, and his son (a genius) created a video game about fishing to remember him by. Pshhhhhhhwoooooo, blowing your mind maaaaaaan. This ain’t a tropical noir! It’s sci-fi!

3) Obviously he takes tourists out fishing, we see that right in the beginning, and indeed his ex-wife’s husband pays him $10,000 to do just that later. Second, he goes night fishing to catch big game like swordfish for a pretty penny ($800 a night it seems). And when all else fails he pimps himself out to a Diane Lane / finds her cat for a reward.

4) The game first gives him a special fish finder, and then gives him special lures. It wants to help him catch Justice because, I think, there is a level of AI involved with the game which is concerned that he is going to introduce killing into the game. Catching Justice and completing the game seems like it might prevent that from happening.

5) He is to be paid $10 million if he completes the task. The new husband is apparently well connected with Miami crime families, specifically of the Cuban variety, and thus seems to be able to act with impunity wherever he goes.

Ah right. I watched a film which appeared to be about nothing of consequence starring Matthew McConaughey’s bare buttocks. Which isn’t the worst thing I’ve seen this year, heyyyooooo.


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