Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III Quiz

Hmmmmm. I remember getting captured by a cannibal family, and then getting a series of light concussions from a nearly-dead old man trying to hit me in the head with a hammer. Do you remember what happened in Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) At a creepy gas station our heroes Michelle and Ryan are accosted by the creepy attendant and saved by the handsome Tex. After witnessing Tex getting shot, Ryan insists they go down a back road. Why?

2) Soon after it becomes dark Michelle and Ryan crash their car into Benny, a gun-loving militia man. What caused them to crash?

3) After getting split up from Michelle and Ryan, Benny meets another woman in the woods. Why is she wandering around the swampy backwater?

4) Michelle and Ryan, unfortunately, are captured by a psychotic cannibal family. Can you name the people in the family?

5) Who survives the whole ordeal, both the good and bad guys we’ve met throughout?


1) Tex claimed it was a shortcut, and Ryan figured that the attendant would assume they don’t know about it I think. Little did they know Tex is the leader of a cannibal family and totally made them fall into their cannibal death trap.

2) It wasn’t a loose tire like Ryan would like you to believe, it was a creepy monster man that walked into the car’s path instead. This is never brought up again and I presume was a booby trap of some kind set by Leatherface’s family.

3) She was an escaped victim of Leatherface’s. You see her briefly in the beginning of the film, and then she pops up to explain that she is the only surviving member of her group left. Well … until Leatherface catches up to them and kills her unceremoniously.

4) Let’s see. You have Leatherface of course. The gas station attendant is involved, Tex is the leader of the pack. There is the one-handed tow truck driver whose good with electronics. There is the mother with the tracheotomy. And the young girl. I believe that the grandfather is well and truly a corpse in this case, although they do feed him blood … so maybe him as well?

5) Benny and Michelle for sure survive (although how Benny survives is unknown). The young girl and Leatherface for sure survive as well. I think that is it, everyone else dies in a gruesome manner (six in total, pretty modest in the end, but Texas Chainsaw Massacre never was one for the body count)

Ah right, I was actually thinking of the first and second times I met the cannibal family, this time I got a concussion by being hit with a big automated hammer contraption. My run ins with the cannibal family kind of run together in the end.


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