A Walk to Remember Quiz

Huh. So the last thing I remember I was pulling this awesome prank on my friend where we were going to make him jump into this lake and almost kill him. It was awesome. But then I crashed my car and got a pretty big concussion and don’t remember anything else (pretty ironic considering the title of the film). Do you remember what happened in A Walk to Remember?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) As I mentioned in the intro, our main man Landon and his crew are going to initiate a new member by making him jump into a reservoir of some kind. But, how many people are currently in the crew?

2) Due to Landon’s prank being too hilarious (and also because it almost killed poor Clay) he is punished in three ways by the school principal. What are his punishments?

3) Via this punishment, Landon reconnected with Jamie. How does he know Jamie?

4) Why does Landon hate his father? And why does he forgive his father?

5) Where do Landon and Jamie get married?


1) There are six it would seem. Landon, his best friend Eric, his ex-squeeze Belinda, and then his frenemy, the volatile Dean and his girlfriend Tracie. Wait I’m missing one … Walker? No one remembers Walker, apparently he wasn’t even in the book, he was invented for literally no reason for the movie?

2) First, he is to spend his after school hours helping the custodial staff clean the school. Second, he is to help tutor underprivileged kids on the weekend. And finally, he is to participate in the school play. Illogically, in this capacity he ends up getting the lead role? That seems odd.

3) He knows her from two places. First, they’ve grown up together. He indicated that they’ve been in the same math class for years I believe. We also see that they go to the same church, which is the church Jamie’s father is the pastor for.

4) Landon hates his father because he walked out on him and his mother and now has a new family (and mansion). Fuck you dad, I learned it from you! And then he forgives him because when Jamie falls ill again with Leukemia it is Landon’s father who arranges for Jamie to be able to get treatment at home. Hooray dad, I learned it all from you!

5) They got married in the same small church that her parents got married in. Awwwwwwwwww. I believe they are both 18 and Jamie has a terminal illness which is obviously … romantic I guess? Mostly tragic. Why do movies like this seem to revel in the romance of profound tragedy? Whatever.

Aaaaaah, now I remember that walk. I was a bad boy (and pretty much too cool for school), but then I learned that rulez (and Jesus) were cool, and now I’m a goody two-shoes. That makes sense. Young love, amirite?


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