Masters of the Universe Quiz

Man, as a He-Man in my He-Man would I can tell you what, I get a ton of concussions. The last thing I remember was something about a Cosmic Key and then Skeletor popped out and bopped me on the head! Do you remember what happened in Masters of the Universe?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) What does the Cosmic Key do?

2) How does the crew lose the key while going to Earth?

3) Where is Courtney Cox moving a why? A rough answer will suffice.

4) Why does Cox betray her friends and steal the Cosmic Key?

5)  Ultimately, Skeletor gets the Cosmic Key and makes He-man his slave, leaving Cox to die. The End. Oh, that wasn’t the end? Oh yeah, that’s right they get back to Eternia soon after to save the day. How?


1) Opens a portal to anywhere. Including elsewhere in the universe. It is how Skeletor got into Castle Greyskull in the first place.

2) Gwildor drops the key after getting shot at in Castle Greyskull. They snag it before going through the portal, but lose it on the way by accident.

3) She is moving to New Jersey from California, and roughly it is just to get away. Her parents died in a plane crash relatively recently and she blames herself.

4) She sees a vision of her mother which claims that they are still alive, but doing secret work involving the key. She grabs it to help out her mother. But uh oh! It turns out her mother is really the bad guys, who could have seen that coming?

5) Well, it turns out Cox’s boyfriend is a Songmaker, and he remembers the tones in the key that will help them get them all home. Hooray!!! Time to smash that bad dude right in the face and take back Eternia!

Ah right, I totes smashed Skeletor right in the face like the jabroni he is, right into a pool of cosmic pink goo or whatever. Natch, I’m He-man after all. I totally own Skeletors.


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