In the Army Now Quiz

Huh, so I joined the army to try and commit a bit of light fraud, and I ended up in Chad of all places! The long short of it is my truck exploded and I got a pretty massive concussion and now I can’t remember a thing. Do you remember what happened in In the Army Now?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Where do Pauly Shore and Andy Dick work prior to joining the army?

2) And how do they learn about the Army Reserve and that sweet sweet “free” money they are a-offering?

3) And further, why does Pauly Shore decide to join the water purification unit?

4) Who is part of Pauly Shore’s water purification team and what are their various quirks?

5) What was Libya’s plan of attack that Shore and his team foil at the end of the movie?

BONUS: Four animals play a big part in Shore’s adventures in the desert. What are they?


1) They work at an electronics shop. Shore is preeeeeetty lazy, but he’s CRAAAAAZY and manages to always wriggle his way out of getting fired … right up until Dick films Shore admitting that he tricked his stupid boss. So they are both fired.

2) They decide to go mini-golfing after getting fired (?) and see a few army grunts. They then learn than being in the Army is preeeeeetty sweet and preeeeeeetty lucrative.

3) He wants to join something he thinks his safe, but mostly it is because his cousin (I think) was a pool cleaner so he thinks that that will help him get through the course. He is mostly correct as he indeed smashed the course.

4) There are two other people under Shore. There is David Alan Grier who is a Dentist who is afraid of everything so he joined the army in order to get over his various issues. And then there is Lori Petty who is there because she wants to be on the front lines, but at the time women couldn’t serve on the front lines, and she figures the best way to see action is to go into water purification and hope for a desert war.

5) They plan on hitting the US outpost with chemical weapons and …. Well, that’s it. That’s their plan. They are going to attack the US with chemical weapons, commit a war crime, yada yada yada … world domination? Profit? Literally it is never explained how this is going to help them. I suppose they are looking four seconds into the future where they will have conquered Chad.

BONUS: Vulture, scorpion, camel, and cobra. They are warned of scorpions early on and see on in the middle of the film. The vultures circle them several times when they think they are going to die. They use a camel to get to the drop point, which they then have at the end of the film as a mascot of their stereo shop. And the cobra is at the oasis, and Shore kills it ultimately discovering the hidden underground spring. Pretty great desert animal film across the board.

Ah right, I became a war hero and single-handedly liberated Chad. USA USA USA. Be all that you can be!


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