Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights Quiz

Oh man, so here’s the thing. I was doing some super-sexy Cuban ballroom dancing with my beau, and then a revolution broke out! I got bopped on the head, the usual, and forgot everything. Do you remember what happened in Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot

1) Katey Miller and her family are moving to Cube in the late-50s on the eve of the Cuban revolution. Why are they moving there?

2) There she meets Javier Suarez who works at the hotel they live at. How do they meet?

3) Katey starts seeing a whole lot more of Javier once they both realize their mutual interest in dance. Why is Katey initially interested in dancing? And why does Javier agree to be her dance partner in the big ballroom dance competition?

4) In order to train for the big competition though Katey needs some alibis. Who provides them and why?

5) Finally the Cuban Revolution breaks out. How is Javier involved in the revolution in such a way that it results in him remaining in Cuba instead of going to America with Katey?


1) Her father got a job, a tale as old as time. I can’t remember what he does though … maybe he works at the hotel they live in? Or they are just like business people of some kind, his boss definitely lives in the same hotel though.

2) There is quite the meet cute. Javier accidentally spills a drink on one of Katey’s associates (who then lobs a racial slur at him) and gets yelled at by his boss. Katey offers to pay for the drink, but he’s having none of her charity. The rest was inevitable.

3) Katey is interested in dance partially because her parents were professional ballroom dancers at some point in time. Javier agrees to learn more formal dancing because of the potential to win hundreds of even thousands of dollars if they do well enough. Which they ultimately do, they win $300 dollars if I understood how the prizes worked.

4) Well, Katey’s sister is at least in part her alibi, that is because she got Javier fired by telling her parents that Katey and Javier were canoodling, so as an act of contrition she helped Katey hide her dance lessons. The other was James Phelps, the son of, I think, Katey’s father’s boss. James committed some light sexual assault while drunk one night, and so as an act of contrition is Katey’s main alibi for her various dancing escapades.

5) Javier is involved because his father was a socialist thinker who was arrested and killed by the dictatorship years before. Javier still has some of his writings, and his brother is one of the main local revolutionaries. Naturally he is insistent that he will remain in Cuba to rebuild his country after the revolution began.

Ah right, I was rooting for the revolution, but like a nincompoop I didn’t realize that would break me up with my beau. C’est la vie, as they say in Cuba.


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