Heartbeeps Quiz

Oh boy, so get this, I was a robot sitting on a shelf, and I fell in love with this other robot and we decided to run away. And … then some factory workers bopped out and bopped me on the head and I don’t remember anything else! Go figure. Do you remember what happened in Heartbeeps?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) When we open the film, we meet a robot Val played by Andy Kaufman. He’s a next-gen robot and rather impressive indeed, but he’s been damaged. How was he damaged?

2) On the shelf where Val is waiting to be repaired he meets Aqua. What is Aqua’s purpose?

3) The robots fall in love and (along with Catskill, a comedian robot) escape the factory to see the outside world. They are pursued by the Crimebuster, a malfunctioning crime fighting robot. What malfunction do we see it perform when we first meet the Crimebuster?

4) After a lot of very boring adventures the robots realize they have to get back to the factory before their batteries run out. On the way Catskill sacrificed himself to save the baby robot they’ve created together. Why does Catskill have so much more battery left?

5) In the end the robots are all trashed (and live happily ever after with their buddies at the dump). Why were they trashed?


1) He was inappropriately asked to help move a dumpster or something which then landed on and damaged his foot. And boy is Randy Quaid steamed about the poor use of this awesome new robot.

2) She is a party robot basically. Her purpose is to chat up people at cocktail parties and thus knows a lot about human behavior and communication.

3) The Crimebuster basically cannot tell the difference between good and bad things … yeah it isn’t great. We see him absolutely torch a mother a baby cardboard cutout during testing.

4) Catskill evidently was choosing “low-level jokes”. Basically all of the cheesy jokes he was telling? They were his worst jokes. Which saved him a bunch of memory, and explains why his jokes were all cheesy and bad! I love you Catskill!!!!

5) No matter what they did the robots couldn’t forget about love and their love for each other! Love wins, science loser, take that nerd alter losers! Love! Love! Love! It is unexplained why Catskill was dumped.

Ahhhh right, that was the whole story. I was a robot who fell in love …. Aaaaand that’s it, that’s all that happened in the movie.


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