The Identical Quiz

Oh man, last thing I remember I got bopped on the head while winning an Elvis impersonation contest. When I awoke I was a world famous recording artist! Go figure. Otherwise I don’t remember a thing. Do you remember what happened in The Identical?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) In the beginning of the film Brian Geraghty gives up one of his two twin boys to Ray Liotta and Ashley Judd. What promise does he make Ray Liotta keep about the boys?

2) Ryan Wade has a bestest friend in the whole world in Seth Green. What instrument does Seth Green play?

3) During the course of the film Ryan Wade has three jobs. What are they?

4) How did Ryan’s secret twin brother Drexel Hemsley die and what happened to Ryan when he did?

5) During the course of the film Ryan and Drexel see each other once. When?


1) The promise is that he won’t tell Ryan about his brother Drexel until both of Ryan’s birth parents are dead. Unfortunately fate intervenes too late as Ryan finds out only in time to reunite with his father near the end of the film.

2) Seth Green ends up being Ryan Wade’s session drummer basically when he performs as The Identical, a Drexel Hemsley impersonator.

3) After leaving the army we see Ryan as a package delivery man, this is while he is training to become a preacher. He quits preacher school though and instead becomes a mechanic with Joey Pants. And finally he leaves that business to be a musician (but specifically The Identical, the Drexel Hemsley impersonator) full time.

4) Drexel Hemsley dies in a plane crash. And at the moment it occurs, without having heard about the event, Ryan Wade passes out in the garage he works in. Spooky twin powers!

5) It is when Ryan Wade wins the Drexel Hemsley impersonation contest. Which I guess makes sense … he looks exactly like Drexel, sounds exactly like him, and has the same build. The other jokers didn’t ever have a chance!

Ah right, but then I learned a valuable lesson about being true to oneself and living and loving life to its fullest, and then I had identical twins at the end (even though that isn’t a genetic thing at all). Truly a miraculous turn of events!


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