Father Figures Quiz

Oh man, so here I was with my twin bro trying to find our father (and man was that a comedy of errors!), and all of a sudden Ving Rhames destroyed me while I was playing catch with Terry Bradshaw! And now I can’t remember a thing (and I think I shattered my spine, but whatever). Can you remember what happened in Father Figures?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) We open the film at a wedding, with two best men played by Ed Helms and Owen Wilson, twins with a somewhat rocky relationship. What do both twins do for a living?

2) Ed Helms learns that the person he thought was his father was not, in fact, his father. How does he learn this fact?

3) Name the four people the twins end up thinking is their father during the course of the film, and where do they live?

4) Prior to the big end scene, the twins meet Katt Williams, who plays a hitchhiker. Where is he trying to go and why?

5) In the end of the movie what new job do the twins have together?


1) Ed Helms is a proctologist because he thinks his father died of colon cancer, and thus he studied medicine in honor of this fictional person who fictionally died of cancer. Owen Wilson was basically a beach bum who fell ass backwards into a boatload of cash as the spokesperson / logo for a barbeque sauce.

2) He is sadly watching Law & Order: Special Victims Unit on television during his mother’s wedding and sees the person who he thinks is his father on television. This person is Edward Hibbert, and the episode is Shadow (Season 11, Episode 12).

3) Terry Bradshaw (who lives in Miami), J.K. Simmons (who lives in upstate New York), Jack McGee (who lives and died in Worcester, MA, he also plays his character’s identical twin brother), and Christopher Walkin (who lives in Ohio down the street from their mother).

4) He is trying to go, coincidentally, Worcester, MA which is where the twins eventually learn their father might live. This is taken as a major sign, and ultimately they end up believing the universe brought them Katt Williams to help guide them on their spiritual journey.

5) They made an app which will send you messages from the universe. The messages are presented by Katt Williams and help bring positivity to your life. It isn’t a terrible idea, but I’m skeptical the app would have quite the impact they suggest.

Ah right, it turns out that my life is a secret sequel to The World According to Garp … well, I’m glad I’m not Garp, because his life was really crazy.


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