Bad Company Quiz

Oh boy, the last thing I remember my twin brother turned out to be in the CIA and then I was recruited to complete his mission. But you know how it is, I got bopped on the head and now I don’t remember a thing. Do you remember what happened in Bad Company?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) What is the job that Kevin Pope (and later Jake Hayes, both played by Chris Rock) is pretending to have for the Prague mission?

2) What job does Jake Hayes have prior to being recruited into the CIA?

3) What object are Hopkins and Rock supposed to recover from Peter Stormare and where did it come from?

4) Uh oh, the object is then stolen by another set of Yugoslavian terrorists. Luckily they can’t use it without Jake. Why? And what do they need from Jake to get it to work?

5) Ultimately what is the target of the Yugoslavian terrorists and how does Jake disarm the bomb?


1) He is pretending to be an antiques dealer. Now … why an antique dealer would be willing to be the go between to pass off the weapon they are trying to recover is beyond me. I mean sure, an antiques dealer might know someone who likes illegal stuff … but really, the object doesn’t have much display value.

2) He scalps tickets to sporting events and concerts in New York City among several other grifts (like hustling people in chess).

3) They are trying to recover a suitcase nuclear bomb. Stormare used to be in the KGB before going rogue, and this is his ticket to everlasting fortune if he can pull off the sale.

4) During the sale the CIA / Jake locked the suitcase bomb and mapped the trigger to Jake’s eyeprint. Without Jake the bomb is inoperable as only his eye can unlock it.

5) The target ends up being Grand Central Station in New York City. And Jake’s eyeprint actually just revealed the 5 four digit codes needed to activate / deactivate the device. Jake, being a genius, was able to memorize the numbers using a sequence of chess moves and seats at Madison Square Garden, so he is able to disarm the device with less than a second to spare.

Ah right, I, being a secret streetwise genius, was well equipped to take on the persona of my CIA trained twin brother I had never met in mere weeks. Lucky that.


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