Mrs. Winterbourne Quiz

This time its for real, I got into a crazy train crash and now legit can’t remember a thing. I do have this baby though and am hanging with a rich family, so that’s fun. Do you remember what happened in Mrs. Winterbourne?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) After getting the boot from her lowlife boyfriend Connie Doyle is on the streetz. How does she accidentally end up in a wealthy Boston suburb and possible heir to a fortune?

2) Paco is a very funny butler / driver for the Winterbourne family originally from Cuba. Why did he leave Cuba?

3) And Bill Winterbourne runs his family business and has long resented his now dead identical twin brother Hugh. Why does he resent Hugh?

4) After falling in love Bill and Connie are to be wed. But baby Hugh’s baby daddy, Steve, is back and ready to blackmail Connie. How much money does he demand of Connie, and what is ultimately his blackmail plan?

5) Who killed the dirtbag baby daddy in the end and why?


1) She accidentally ends up on a train to Boston via a very crowded train station. Bewildered and concerned about a looming ticket agent she stumbles into the kind and generous Hugh Winterbourne who is travelling to Boston with his new wife Patricia. Both pregnant, the actual Mrs. Winterbourne offers Connie some clothing and allows Connie to try on her wedding ring right before a tragic accident kills Hugh and his young wife. Connie awakens with the doctors and nurses convinced that she is, in fact, Patricia Winterbourne. What a wild series of coincidences.

2) He is gay. And knowing what happens to gay people in Cuba, facing either a life in prison or a chance at freedom in the US, he travels by boat to Florida and stumbled into the service of the elder Mrs. Winterbourne.

3) Hugh and Bill were supposed to take over the family business together, but on the day of the handover Hugh ran away to Asia basically to find himself. Bill seems to understand Hugh, a man without worries because he was able to choose not to have worries, but resents his ability to choose happiness, something Bill himself can’t seem to do himself … that is, until Connie shows up.

4) Initially Steve demands $50 thousand, which Connie hands over willingly, but now, with a check implicating Connie in a crime, his plan is to force her to stage a kidnapping of baby Hugh. The ransom, planned to be a cool million dollars, is really his goal.

5) Well, like Connie, there was another girlfriend of Steve’s who is pregnant and given the boot. Unlike Connie this woman isn’t quite so forgiving of Steve’s dirt baggery and shoots him twice in the chest.

Ah right, I was just a borderline homeless streetwise teen from Hoboken trying to make it in this crazy world. And then I fell in loooooooooooooooove … after being mistaken for a wealthy heiress from Hong Kong. Go figure.


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