The Skulls Quiz

Oh man. So here’s what happened, I was in this insane induction ceremony at Yale (because I’m great at rowing, natch). We were all drugged and put into coffins, you know, normal induction stuff. Well when I woke up I sat up in m’coffin and bopped my head! And now I don’t remember a thing. Do you remember what happened in The Skulls?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Luke McNamara is just a normal New Haven townie who through guts and grit managed to make his way into Yale. But as a gross townie, why is he considered for the elite of the elite secret societies, The Skulls?

2) Describe the induction ceremony for The Skulls. It has three parts occurring on three different days.

3) How does Will Beckford (Harper Hill) die? And what initially tips Luke off that everything is not how it seems about his suicide?

4) Name three of the gifts Luke receives as part of being a part of The Skulls.

5) What was Ames Levritt’s (William Peterson) plan to take over The Skulls in the end and how/why did it involve Luke?


1) He is an elite rower and has led the Yale crew team to three Ivy League championships in a row. It is actually a bit confusing. Given how good he is at rowing there is almost no doubt that if he wanted to he could have gone to Oxford or Cambridge to row there and get a free degree of some kind. Now obviously law might have been a problem, but I mean … Bill Clinton did it.

2) So the first bit was that he had to race around campus answering various phones until finally drugging himself. He then awoke in a coffin some time later where he was told that he had to help steal the weather vane from another secret society. A few days later they are paired with their “soulmates” (Caleb Mandrake in the case of Luke) and branded. And finally, to complete their soulmate bond, they go down in a metal cage and challenge each other to a truth telling game about their greatest fears.

3) Will steals Caleb’s Skulls rulebook and key to the secret society for a big investigative piece he is planning on the society. Caleb though catches him in the act, chases him around a bit, and Will accidentally falls to his “death”. Caleb is told to get the hell out of there by his father, and then some time later the Provost of Yale (!) comes and kills Will himself. Luke becomes suspicious after finding the rulebook hidden away in Will’s belongings after his “suicide”.

4) Luke got a sweet watch to cover up his brand (illogically put conspicuously on his wrist, but whatever), he got 20 thousand dollars immediately, he got a tailor made tuxedo (with tails), and he got a car. This is in addition to perhaps getting a prostitute at a party (? It is unclear who these women are) and also later getting immediate admission to the law school of his choice as part of the wider Caleb conspiracy.

5) He is going to use Luke to uncover the Caleb conspiracy. So he sets Luke up to steal the tape as evidence to turn over to the police, but then has the police swap the tape to get Luke committed. This is so that Luke becomes desperate enough that his only option is to challenge Caleb to a duel. In the end, either Luke is killed by Caleb and Litten Mandrake wins the war, or Caleb refuses and Ames wins, ultimately being able to displace Litten as head of The Skulls.

Ahhhhh, right, it turns out the provost of Yale, a potential Supreme Court justice, and a sitting U.S. Senator all were insane people fighting fake wars with each other over nothing. This is legit how these people spend their weekends? Bizarre.


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