Dutch Quiz

Oh boy, you wouldn’t believe this. So I was picking up my new lady friend’s son at his elite prep school for TGivs, and you wouldn’t believe what a jerk he is! Well, I’m a people person, so I tried to relate to him, but then he just kicked me right in the face when I got there! I have a pretty severe concussion and can’t remember a thing. Do you remember what happened in Dutch?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) In the beginning we get the whole story of Doyle’s family. So where did his parents meet and where does Doyle’s father say he has to go for TGivs, throwing Doyle’s plans in disarray?

2) Well, in rolls Dutch to save the day, he’ll go and pick up Doyle and they’ll take a father(ish)-son road trip across Americana. Where is Doyle’s school, and where are they driving to?

3) As the boys travel they progressively get more and more destitute. How does Dutch lose his coat? How do they lose their car? How does Doyle lose his shoes? And finally, how does Dutch lose all of his money?

4) During the final push towards home they end up sleeping one last night in a homeless shelter. Who do they meet there that helps them get home just in time for TGivs?

5) What thing does Dutch “owe” Doyle that is hanging over his head throughout the movie? Does he ever get what he’s owed?


1) His parents met in the country club … well you see Doyle’s mother was a waitress at the bar there, and Doyle’s father was just a rich prick. And to complete the very fast picture of dickishness, Doyle’s father cancelled his TGivs plans because he has to go to London for an unexpected business trip … well, actually he just wants to get paid and laid without his kid hanging around, which he was happily doing until he found out what was up.

2) The school is in Georgia (for some reason … maybe Doyle’s father vaguely lives there or something), and they are travelling home to Chicago through Tennessee (and presumably Kentucky, although that isn’t explicitly mentioned).

3) Dutch loses his coat to a freak fireworks accident just across the Tennessee border. They lose their car after Doyle parks it in the middle of the road and it is destroyed by a semi. Doyle then gets his shoes stolen on the bus they take right after. And finally, they lose all of their money when some hookers they hitch a ride with take off with it. Oof.

4) They meet a nice couple and their daughter (who befriends Doyle while eating dinner). A happy ending is in order though because Dutch owns a construction company and he’s going to hook these guys up with a job in exchange for a lift home, hooray!

5) Doyle shot Dutch with a BB gun when he first arrived in Georgia, and so Dutch promised to get him back. And indeed he does, although off screen in the final moments of the film.

Ah right! Man, that kid was a jerk … but after I showed him that money isn’t everything, and that working class ain’t so bad, we became bestest of buds. And I even got to punch his dad in the face. Noice.


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