Congo Quiz

Oh man, so as usual I was on my way to The Democratic Republic of Congo to return my ape friend to the wild, when out popped with white gorilla and bopped me on the head! Now I can’t remember a thing. Do you remember what happened in Congo?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) What is the company looking for in Congo? Why is the primatologist going? And why is Tim Curry going?

2) When they arrive in Central Africa they are initially detained outside of The Democratic Republic of Congo. Why?

3) Once in the Democratic Republic of Congo why must they hurry to the laser pack signal?

4) During the trek the group meets a tribe. Who are they and what do they want?

5) In the end they do find what they are looking for, but there is something spooky guarding it. What? Also what does the ubiquitous eye symbol mean?


1) The company is looking for a very pure and rare type of diamond that will revolutionize satellite communications. The primatologist is looking to return Amy, the talking gorilla back to the jungle. And Tim Curry is looking to find the lost city of Zinj and King Solomon’s Diamonds.

2) Because the president of the country they land in had his car blown up at the airport just as they arrived. The president survived, but the resulting political turmoil means that they get detained short of their destination.

3)They hear that the volcano in which the lost city of Zinj sits is about to blow, and soon everything will be lost. So they need to boogie double time.

4) They find the ghost tribe, and it turns out they found one of the communications company’s men. A man they are praying can come back from death, which he does … right before dropping dead at the sight of Amy. Ba ba buuuuuuuum.

5) Big grey gorillas, bred for aggression to be guards of King Solomon’s mine, who specifically seem to want to smash all of their heads in (uh oh). And it turns out the eye symbol relates to this, they represented the human masters of the gorilla guards who are all watching … right up until they got their heads smashed in by their gorilla guards (whoops!!).

Ahhhh right, it turned out we had found the lost city of Zinj. That’s nice, lots of diamonds and everything.


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