Fantasy Island Quiz

Oh man, so I was invited to this island which promised to fulfill all my dreams, but then all these bad things popped out, chased me, and I fell down and bopped by head. Now I can’t remember a thing. Do you remember what happened on Fantasy Island?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) We meet our heroes (?) as they arrive on the island. There is brooding Melanie (Lucy Hale), brothers Brax and JD (Jimmy Yang and Ryan Hansen), businesswoman Gwen (Maggie Q), and police officer Patrick (Austin Stowell). Why are they all there?

2) And what are all of their (apparent) fantasies?

3) Gwen and Patrick both ultimately believe they could change events in the past via the magic of the island, what three events in their past do they almost or want to change?

4) Why and how is Mr. Rourke doing all of this?

5) Ultimately what is the actual fantasy the island is trying to fulfill? And how do they stop it?


1) They all come to the island claiming they have won a contest which allows them to stay on the island and get their fantasies fulfilled. So it is a real I Still Know What You Did Last Summer situation up in here.

2) Melanie wants to get back at her high school bully Sloane by torturing her and ruining her life. Brax and JD just want to party hard. Gwen wants to relive and change the moment that she turned down the proposal by the love of her life. And Patrick wants to pretend he’s in the military like his father, to be a real hero.

3) As mentioned in the previous answer Gwen ultimately is lead to believe that she can undo the rejection of the proposal and have the family she always wanted (including a daughter). After realizing it could be for real she decides that she has to try and undo the accidental house fire she caused which lead to the death of her upstairs neighbor. And Patrick is lead to believe that he can stop the heroic death of his father in Venezuela.

4) The island is actually doing it because it is … magic? It has a stone housed deep below the surface surrounded by a pool of black water. If you drink of the water then your fantasies will come true. Mr. Rourke though has a problem, he drank of the water and wished for his pate wife to come back. But in order for the fantasy to continue he must stay on the island forever and help the island fulfill people’s wishes.

5) It turns out the person who died in the house fire, Nick, was going to go out on a date with Melanie the night he died. Gwen caused the fire. JD and Brax were Nick’s roommates and they didn’t check to see if he was in his room before leaving. And Patrick was a coward who wouldn’t go in and save him. So this was all an elaborate fantasy of Melanie’s to kill all of them as vengeance for Nick’s death.

Ah right, it was some sort of Fantasy Island, but then it became some sort of not-Fantasy Island, a like … Nightmare Island. Why didn’t they just call this Nightmare Island?


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