Solo (1996) Quiz

On man, so get this. I’m a robot, you see, and I decide to escape because they are going to reboot me. But then I crash my helicopter and I totally can’t remember anything! Can you remember what happened in Solo?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) What is the first mission the Solo prototype is sent on?

2) What directive is violated in that mission which results in its failure and ultimately the termination of the Solo program?

3) When trying to decide on a face to give Solo what person does the robot see which he ultimately uses to determine which soldier to base him on?

4) What do the villages think Solo is when he comes back to life at his funeral?

5) Solo agrees to help the villagers from the beginning of the film in exchange for what?

Bonus Question: How long does Solo stay in the village after the events of the film?


1) He is sent to neutralize an airfield that rebels are building in the jungle. He … doesn’t do particularly well.

2) Solo sees several non-combatants helping to build the airstrip. He has a directive to prevent harm to his compatriots and non-combatants which ultimately overrode his mission to destroy the airstrip.

3) Michael Jordan in his famous “name in lights” commercial:

He just wanted … to be like Mike.

4) They think he’s a forest spirit. Yacayo. Jokes on them, it turns out he’s something totally normal … a robot.

5) Electricity to charge himself. He was damaged in the explosion earlier and needed a new source of electricity, and so they all chip in their various appliances to help him out.

Bonus Question Answer: Three weeks. In that time, having already learned to laugh, he’ll learn to live and love again. But in the end, much like Rambo, he’ll realize that the scars of war are too much for him, and that he can’t settle into a normal life. Wandering from conflict to conflict, Solo helps the persecuted across the globe to battle the American military-industrial complex in Solo: The Television Series. This Fall, on USA. Characters welcome.

Fine, the last bit is a television pitch I’m working on. USA, call me.


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