Message in a Bottle Quiz

Oh man, so I was running on the beach (usual Sunday, natch) and I found this bottle. Wouldn’t you know it, it was from a lonely heart writing to his lost love awwwwwww. Then a rock was dropped on my head by a seagull and I got a horrible concussion and I can’t remember a thing! Do you remember what happened in Message in a Bottle?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Why does Robin Wright go on vacation and where? 

2) On the day of their sailing trip Costner gets into a fight with someone in the diner. Why? 

3) How did Catherine die? 

4) How many letters did Costner write? 

5) What gift does Costner give Wright and her son when he visits Chicago? What gift does Wright give Costner on the day he christens his boat Catherine? 

Bonus Question: So … why did Kevin Costner fake his own death?


1) She goes on vacation because her ex-husband lives there. She was dropping their son off to stay with him for a while, and took a two day vacation to Cape Cod before flying back to Chicago.

2) He gets in a fight with his late wife’s brother. You see they want some of Catherine’s beautiful paintings. But Costner doesn’t want anyone to touch them but her. The courts say he’s in the right, but the brother calls him a thief and things kick off.

3) During a pregnancy she got very weak and collapsed one day. After a while she just died … wait a second, that doesn’t sound right. Do people just get, like, ill for no reason and then die at home? Shouldn’t she have gone to the hospital?

4) Two. Oh did you say three? Because one letter was from Catherine. Didn’t remember that did you? Oh you did … whatever. The answer was two.

5) He gives her a box of chocolates and the son a little toy car. She gives him a compass.

Bonus Answer: Taxes. It was a whole thing with the IRS. Giving the gift of the paintings to his late wife’s family was his first mistake, because since she had died her original art accrued a massive amount of value. It was impossible for him to know this, but the IRS didn’t care. This would have been fine of course, but having finished the boat, the finances of his boat making business started getting under scrutiny, and in his grief he hadn’t paid any taxes on his business for several years. He was facing a lengthy prison sentence. But hey, they can always use boat builders in Zihuatenejo, Mexico, where Costner lived out his days as merely El Americano Silencioso.

Ah right, turned out you can fix that lonely heart with love. Can’t fix the lonely heart when it tragically dies in a boating accident though. That, you don’t recover from.


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