Dangerous Minds Quiz

Oh man, so here I was trying to teach these beautiful minds in a high school in Bad News U.S.A. when a fight breaks out! I got in the middle, natch, but I got sucker punched in the head and now I can’t remember a thing! Do you remember what happened in Dangerous Minds?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) What does Louanne want to be a teacher in Palo Alto?

2) What is the first thing she teaches her young students?

3) Hal is helping Louanne out with teaching and got her the job. How did Hal know her before the start of the movie?

4) Why is Louanne getting a divorce?

5) Why did Emilio get shot?

Bonus Question: What Coolio song is most like a Bob Dylan song? Whoever gives me the right answer gets a free ice cream cone.


1) She is looking for her job because she is getting a divorce. Just prior to getting married she was training to be a teacher, and after she got married she left to go work at her ex-husband’s company. So now she needs a job.

2) The very first thing she teaches is karate. I guess in order to show them she means business and also that learning can be fun, and if they do some english they’ll get to learn more karate … well, until the principal rains on that parade.

3) Hal was best friends with her ex-husband, and back in the day him and Maggie would all hang out. Now, he’s just friends with Louanne and helping her get back on her feet.

4) She’s getting a divorce because her husband hit her. So she divorced him and got an abortion. She reveals this while having real talk with Callie about her pregnancy and her choice to leave the school.

5) A guy who had just gotten out of prison was pissed that Emilio was going with his girl and threatened him. Emilio was going to go to the principal and turn the boy in, but then the principal didn’t let him speak because he didn’t knock on the door. And so the guy killed him and Louanne quit. The End … well right up until she doesn’t quit.

Bonus Question Answer: You might think it is going to be Gangsta’s Paradise. But actually the answer is Hit ‘em High featuring Busta Rhymes, Coolio, LL Cool J, and Method Man, the theme for the Monstars in Space Jam. You see the profound words “hit ’em high, hit ’em high, hit ’em high” represents the peer pressure to use illegal drugs on the mid-90s streets of the American intercity. And the counter “hit ’em low, hit ’em low, hit ’em low” is about the many American youths who were finding their early graves on those streets. And finally the line “Goin’ straight through the hole, you ain’t got no game” is about how a monster is going to posterize you and enslave humanity if you don’t play good basketball.

You see, I learned real good from Mrs. Johnson about how to interpret poetry. It’s no big deal.


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